Top exercises to do at your desk

Top exercises to do at your desk 2

Sitting at a desk all day can be mentally exhausting. You may feel stressed out and drained, if not lethargic, because you haven’t been able to use up your excess energy in a productive way. Exercise is one of the best stress relievers and what’s more you can do it at your desk! Turn your desk job into your gym with our simple tips for keeping fit in the office. Try some of our great exercises to keep you entertained during what might be a dull day in work.

Tap Your Toes

Your feet are hidden for most of the day, so why not utilise this by tapping your feet whilst you work? You could even tap your feet on and off of a step or stairwell so that you can exercise your leg muscles. Simple, but effective.


The Seat Squeeze

If you’ve ever taken a fitness class then you’ll know the importance of squeezing those buttocks whilst you go into a lunge. Why not save yourself the hassle of a class and simply sit and squeeze? Tensing those buttocks will help to tone and will stop your bum going numb!


Colleague in a Bottle

Another great move for those that spend time in their chair all day. Sit cross legged with your arms slightly elevated, it’s just like sitting in the lotus position. This stance has been known to improve posture and give a greater feeling of calm. Perfect for the office.

Shoulder Shrug

Perfect to practise when your boss says; ‘When is that going to be done by?’ simply Shoulder Shrug. They will be none the wiser as to when that final piece of work will be done and you’ll have stopped that annoying pain in your shoulder. If the pain still persists, it may be your boss.

Wheelie Chair Core Exercise

Exercise your core by using your wheelie chair to its full potential. Keep your hands on the desk and swivel from side to side, it’s fully utilising your stomach muscles and super fun too. Whilst we don’t encourage counter productive attitudes we do encourage wheelie chair olympics.


Fist Pump Your Way to Awesome

Just done all of our suggested exercises and feeling amazing? Then you need to do a fist pump and tone your arms at the same time. Do it all in time to eye of the tiger and you’ll feel outrageous. PUMP!

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