Top Ways To Deal With Hair Loss

Hair Loss

Hair loss is a common occurrence and something that most men will experience in their lives. It is nothing to be afraid of or embarrassed about. In fact, 25% of men start growing bald by the time they are 30 years old and in some cases, It can begin as early as puberty onwards. Just remember, everyone loses hair naturally and it is completely normal for hair to thin as you get older.

What causes balding?

Male Pattern baldness is primarily genetic but there is no strict criteria to determine if its going to happen to you or when it will happen. There can be many causes and reasons as to why hair loss occurs but losing your hair is not necessarily the same as going bald. Hair loss can be caused by a variety of factors and triggers. If your hair loss occurs in a more regular receding type pattern, from the temples towards the crown of the head, it is most likely going to be male pattern baldness.

Male Pattern Baldness is triggered by a sensitivity to the hormone known as DHT. This ultimately leads to hair loss and eventually baldness.  Other causes of hair loss can be down to illness, stress, thyroid issues, poor diet and even changes in hormones.

Is there anything that I can do to stop it?

The truth is that male pattern hair loss cannot be stopped entirely and it’s a process that happens to most men as they age. If you do decide that you want to try and treat it, there are some things that can help.


There are certain medications that can slow down the process of hair loss and stimulate regrowth. Medications such as Finasteride (Propecia) which is taken in tablet form. Finasteride works by preventing testosterone from converting into the hormone that causes hair loss (DHT). Finasteride is clinically proven  to be effective in up to 90% of men who take it. Finasteride requires prescription and it can be three months before you start to see any results.


Having a healthy and balanced diet that includes oily fish (rich in omega 3) can help keep hair in better condition and slow down the rate of hair loss. It is also crucial to eat proteins, fruit and vegetables that are that are rich in vitamins to keep yourself and your hair healthy.


Stress can have a huge impact on the condition of your hair. Make positive lifestyle changes to reduce your stress levels. They not only not only improve your general wellbeing but can also help aid hair growth. Regular exercise into your daily routine can be hugely beneficial.


One of the more extreme solutions to hair loss is a big one, Going under the knife. Nowadays hair transplant procedures are becoming more common amongst men and are highly effective. This is done by replacing, redistributing, and relocating the follicles from another area into the thinning or the balding area. The net result being a full head of head again.

Wigs and hair pieces

Wigs and hair pieces have come a long way since the days of dodgy wigs that come loose in the wind. They are expertly fitted and perfectly styled and, in most cases, there’s no telling that the person is wearing a hair piece.

Top Ways To Deal With Hair Loss 1

How quickly will I lose my hair?

Honestly? There is no definitive answer, and it would be impossible to give an exact timescale. Male Pattern Baldness typically starts at some point in the twenties and the rate that it typically happens differs from person to person. It could take 20+ years to go bald but there are some men that can go bald in a fraction of that time.

Speak to someone

Despite it being such a common condition, a lot of men are reluctant to talk about it.
Hair loss can cause embarrassment, a low self -esteem and lack of confidence which can then result in a whole host of other issues like anxiety and depression. Speak to a GP or hair care professional if you have any concerns and to seek a treatment that works for you.

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