Timing, the Greatest Gift of All?

Timing, the Greatest Gift of All? 2

If you’re on the search for a great gift, you’ve probably got a big day looming; wife’s birthday, daughter’s wedding, son’s graduation…

When there’s a special occasion in the calendar, a gift is expected.

But what if you want to give the gift of a smile at another time of the year? Forget the forced birthday purchases for now, and consider gifting unexpectedly at anytime. Wouldn’t you be thrilled to get something you’d really like – just because you’re loved?


Just Because…

The key to timing an unexpected gift is to give a gift ‘just because’. No reasoning. Just because you’ve seen something nice and you think the recipient would appreciate it! It couldn’t really be much easier to make someone smile and feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Plus, there’s something feel-good about giving gifts at whatever time of year, especially when genuine gratitude is shown – and why wouldn’t it be if you’ve shown affection like an unexpected gift.

Create Your Own Anniversaries

This doesn’t mean forgetting your wedding anniversary (that never goes down well) but creating your own celebrations throughout a relationship. Whether it was the first time you went on holiday, the first time you tried a new hobby or the first time you moved house… you can create your own anniversaries to celebrate the moments that really mean something to you and your Mrs/Mr.

Shopping Trip Treat

This one’s for the men out there who hate shopping. If you’re being dragged around the local shopping centre by your partner, you’re not expected to pay attention to every top they pick out, but if you donotice the items they put back (due to price tag) then why not treat your lady to an unexpected treat! Generous and unexpected gifting, sorted.

choc gift

Supermarket Indulgence

Gifting at any time doesn’t have to be an expensive act. In fact, some of the sweetest gifts that can be given are the cheapest and most mundane. Go out and buy their favourite snacks, just because you’re feeling kind or on the weekly supermarket shop, make separate purchases of items they nearly put in the shopping trolley but felt too bad about (either because of the impact on the wallet or waistline).

The Gift of Time Itself

How about you don’t spend a penny on a spontaneous gift? Instead, give the gift of time by offering to complete the dull tasks that otherwise consume the day-to-day life of your family and friends. Offer to babysit for busy parents, do the trip to the supermarket, and do the laundry or other tasks that wouldn’t usually be your responsibility.

Attention to Detail

The best gift givers are those who really pay attention to the needs and desires of their recipients. Again it’s not about splashing out. Have you heard your partner saying they ‘need’ something? Take the time to head into town and pick it up or get online and order it as a surprise to arrive in the post.

When you look over these options for giving gifts at unexpected times, you’ll realise it’s the easiest way to get a wonder reaction from the receiver.

A packet of crisps and a chocolate bar might not seem acceptable as a 21stbirthday present, but gifted out-of-the-blue after a hard, dull day at work – can be just what the doctor ordered!

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