Thank You Mrs Tooth Fairy

Thank You Mrs Tooth Fairy 2

Well she did it, the tooth fairy has pulled out all the stops and Isabelle finally has her first tooth.

Saying that I am excited is an understatement and I have no idea why. Isabelle turned ten months yesterday and I had all but given up hope on Isabelle cutting her first tooth before she turned one but surprise surprise there it was, the little speckle of a tooth this morning. Even Isabelle seemed noticeably happier (I’d like to think she understood my excitement over her tooth its not very likely and she probably hasn’t even noticed the tooth herself yet) She has been great over the past couple of days and I am shocked that she had been her usual happy self without any signs of teething, with he exception of being very restless but we had put that down to the heat. Even though it is smaller than a grain of  rice I couldn’t be any more impressed but it does now mean that I am going to be saying goodbye to that beautiful gummy smile

I’d like to say thank you to the tooth fairy for answering our prayers and putting an end to Isabelle’s teething trauma (if only for a few weeks)

Thank You Mrs Tooth Fairy 3



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