Responsible celebrations: staying safe on Bonfire Night

guy fawkes night

While attending a Guy Fawkes Bonfire Night celebration, there may be a number of aspects you need to consider to keep yourselves safe. These could vary depending on if you will have children present, as well as their ages. Parents may want to make sure that the whole family understands the dangers that can occur, as well as how to keep them to a minimum. At the same time, you may also want to consider others living in the local area, and even pets or wild animals that may be affected.

Safety buying fireworks for Bonfire Night

Many families enjoy having brightly coloured fireworks on a Guy Fawkes night. While this can be incredibly fun, you may want to consider the source that you purchase them from. A reputable company with fireworks for sale will only do so if the buyer is over 18 years old. They may also inform you about how to light them, and the space required to do so. You may want to do some research to check that a company is legitimate, and avoid buying items from street vendors. While these may be cheaper, there is no guarantee that the fireworks they sell will be of as good a quality as genuine providers, which could put you at risk of malfunctions.

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Safety when it’s dark

Older children, teenagers especially, may not be home for your celebrations. Instead, they might want to go out with their friends. While you may trust their judgement, you may still want to impress upon them the dangers that may exist, especially on a night like this. Reminding them to not play with fireworks can be key. In addition to this, having other house rules, or making it clear they can always call you if they feel unsafe, could help to better protect them. Setting a reasonable curfew may also be beneficial, and could allow them to both spend time with friends and still take part in some celebrations with family.

Safety for others

Considering your local area could also be important. Elderly people or veterans may feel anxious about the loud noises that fireworks and parties can bring. In addition to this, animals might also be severely affected. Hedgehogs or lizards can crawl under pre-made bonfires. Making your bonfire just before you light it can prevent this. Avoiding the use of Chinese lanterns is also recommended, as these could lead to fires where they land, or even burn horses, cows, or other livestock in the area.

While these dangers may exist, that doesn’t mean you need to shy away from celebrating Bonfire Night. Using some common sense, and teaching safe practices to your children, could keep everyone free from harm. Having some respect for others living nearby, whether human or not, may help to prevent problems from occurring. As a general rule, fireworks, bonfires, and other pyrotechnics should never be used if you and your guests plan on drinking.

However you celebrate bonfire night – enjoy the celebrations and stay safe!

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