Why I started blogging

Why I started blogging 2

My area of expertise isn’t exactly writing, more so on the lines of creating and maintaining the blog. I have become a go to person for many friends and before I left my job for maternity leave I was involved in IT on a daily basis in many shapes and forms from managing websites to troubleshooting the IT equipment. Now I am a work at home mum, I spend my days completing work tasks and also taking care of Isabelle so I needed something, not to fill my time as having a baby I had very little of that, just something, a hobby for my own sanity.

Blogging, there was something that I could possibly do, recording Isabelle’s journey and life so far. It seemed like a great idea, I would get it all down so in a few years’ time I could read back and remember the sleepless nights, the reflux and those first few nights, not like you could forget them but it was a way for me to store those memories and pictures to.

I kept my blog private for a while, documenting Isabelle’s life and our journey with her so far. As I got more into it, I was encouraged by another lovely blogger to publish it for the whole world to see. Scared crapless I was a little apprehensive about allowing others to see. What if the public did not like what they read or even worse, what if nobody read it at all?

It sounds silly that I kept the blog to myself for almost 6 months and I was worrying about nobody reading it if I published it for the world to see. I finally bit the bullet and decided it was time and soon realised that I wasn’t bothered who read my blog and why they were reading it. IT was my own little sanctum, they didn’t have to read it if they didn’t want to.  There were periods where I didn’t feel that I had anything to blog about but I had to remind myself tat I was blogging for my own benefit and nobody else

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Next came one of the biggest decisions, do I tell my friends and family about the blog? Do I encourage them to read it? Well in a way I wanted to keep my blog secret so I could share my thoughts and not worry about loved ones reading it but then the whole point of my blog was to document Isabelle’s life. It would have been wrong of me to exclude my family and friends from that, it turns out that it’s proved a useful way of Isabelle’s Grandparents keeping up to date with her antics as they don’t see her that often. They are able to watch her grow and albeit mainly online I still feel like they know what she is up to. Other family members like my own Nana has difficulty using a remote control so visiting a website is not something in her forte but every week she insists that we visit and show her our recent bloggings. I couldn’t stop blogging now as my family and friends enjoy reading and catching up with pictures.

I had an idea and I went with it, after helping a friend publish her blog I started on my own. I was very lucky in a way that I already had all the tools that I needed to publish a blog, “I just had to decide on a domain name and then create a website to host my blog, there are many easy tools to start yourself if the prospect of complex coding scares you!”

My blog has become my haven, it’s a place where I can witter on about anything that I like because it’s mine and I blog to keep myself happy.

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Why I started blogging 3

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