Review – B.Sensible for Babies

Review - B.Sensible for Babies 2

Review - B.Sensible for Babies 3

B.Sensible for babies offer an excellent product that will protect mattresses from leaky nappies, sweat sick and any other spillages. Not only do they protect your mattress but they also care for the babies skin.

Review - B.Sensible for Babies 4

This of course is in the form of a breathable mattress sheet which means no more plastic under sheets.

The manufacturing process is totally eco friendly in creating a 100% natural Tencel thermo-regulating fabric. The sheet has a breathable membrane that provides a barrier against bacteria and mites.

Isabelle is now drinking more and sleeping longer during the day which always makes me worry about full nappies leaking during the night.

My first impression of the B.Sensible sheet was that is was surprisingly soft and silky to touch and not at all plasticy as I thought it would be. Not at all similar to the nasty plastic sheets that we had been using under the cot bed sheets that rustled when Isabelle had been having a restless night. It didn’t crinkle when I touched it.

Isabelle is also very much like her father when it comes to sweating quite badly during the day and even more so at night. Isabelle is still sleeping in our room so the combination of three of us being in one room sometimes causes the room to be unbearably hot. This has become an issue as she often wakes up with heat/sweat rashes on her body. The B.Sensible means that her skin can breathe and that she slept without irritation and getting too sweaty. Her clothes and hair were not damp from sweat in the morning when using the B.Sensible for babies.

We have had no problems of the fitted sheet moving around and coming untucked from the mattress, it stays firmly in place.

Over the nights that we had used this we had no nappy leaks but we did have a mishap with a bottle lid coming undone spilling water into the cot. Taking off the B.Sensible for babies I found that the mattress to be completely dry even after a couple of minutes of me panicking trying to get Isabelle and bedding out of the cot!

The sheet is machine washable and dries rather quickly which is great for quickly removing and cleaning. you can have it back on the bed for night time.

The B.Sensible is hypoallergenic and clinically proven to be suitable for those with even the most sensitive skin, eczema, asthma & rhinitis.

It is available in a variety of 24 colours in the following sizes

  • Moses: 80×50
  • Cot: 60×120
  • Cot Bed: 70×140
  • Single Sheet 2’6, 3’0, 3’6

And at a  starting price of £19 they won’t break the bank and will save money in the long run on replacing soiled mattresses.

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