How to Help Foster Children Redesign Their Bedroom

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Do you have a long-term or permanent foster child in your care? Did you initially set up a bedroom that was rather neutral as you didn’t yet know their personality? As your foster child has settled into their new home you have probably got to know them much better, learning about their likes and dislikes. So, if the design choices you initially chose don’t properly reflect their style, a makeover project is the perfect solution. Here’s how you can help foster children redesign their bedrooms and tap into their inner creativity.

Have a Brainstorming Session with your foster child

A good place to start the design process is with a brainstorming session. Nothing concrete has to be decided, as this is just a chance for them to talk about colour palettes, items of interest, themes that appeal to them. You may want to put everything down on a piece of paper, as you can start to connect concepts if you’ve got a visual in front of you. If they need a little design inspiration, you can flip through home décor magazines and websites that focus on kids’ spaces. Their age will likely play a huge role in what interests them, so don’t be surprised if they outgrow their room choices over time.

Choose a Single Concept for the Design

Now that you’ve got all kinds of ideas from the brainstorming session, it’s time to choose a single concept. This is the concept that will determine all choices and decisions. Having a single concept makes it easier especially for younger kids, as choices will be simplified. Does it fit the colour palette and/or theme? It’s a simple yes or no. Be careful not to share your opinions and thoughts in this process — remember, this is about their likes and dislikes. The good news is that a bedroom isn’t a shared space so it doesn’t need to flow with the rest of the home décor.

Take Them Shopping for Supplies

Rather than you heading to the shop by yourself to pick up all the needed items, take them with you. This gives them a chance to look around and spot the items that speak to them. It’s a great way to involve them in the design process, which is not only a bonding activity but a learning experience.

Let Them Take Part in the Makeover Steps

Once you’ve got all the needed materials, be sure to assign age-appropriate tasks to kids. Painting is something they can usually take part in as long as they can hold the brush and follow instructions. If your foster child is quite young, just give them a small section to work on and you can do the rest.

Inspired to Turn Short-Term Fostering into Long-Term?

Has all this talk of redesigning a child’s room, getting to know them and having them with you in the long term inspired you to consider long-term instead of short-term fostering? Fosterplus is one of many agencies that offer long-term fostering opportunities for foster carers who have the calling and want to open their homes and hearts to a child.

Taking these steps will help foster children tap into their inner creativity, create a space that feels like their own, and even help with bonding.

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