Life as we know it

Life as we know it 2

The Mr and I are a slightly eccentric couple and on some level I guess you can call us immature. Of course in terms of our lives we are still classed as young with our whole lives ahead of us. There have been times when we haven’t taken things seriously, we’re still in our 20’s so have years ahead of us.

On a recent Friday night in armed with a takeaway and a bottle of wine, we were relaxing not long after putting the little one to bed. Every night we have the same bedtime routine, after slipping into her pyjamas we all sit and read a story and cuddle before she is tucked in with her lamby for the night. I’m sure that on that day we breathed a sigh of relief as we tucked her in and headed down the stairs to enjoy a peaceful evening, our darling daughter had been a little bit of a madam earlier that day which led to tantrums galore before bed. (I’ll get to the significance of why I mentioned this a little later)

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So back to our relaxing evening, we had picked a rom com to watch for a little bit of light hearted humour for the next couple of hours. The film that we picked out was called ‘Life as we know it’ A Katherine Heigl movie, about an unlikely couple that get together when taking care of their friends child.

Now what could be so different and important about this movie that would prompt me to write an entire blog post? Well the reason that this unlikely couple were taking care of their friends baby was in fact that they had been named by the parents of the little girl on their will, as guardians. In her first year of life the little girl had lost her loving parents in a car accident.

This struck a chord with us, what would happen to Isabelle if something would happen to us? It was time to grow up and face the fact that as much as we like to lark around we have something more important, something that requires us to be responsible, our daughter. We needed a plan for her, she is the most important factor in our lives and it baffled me as to why we had never thought about it before. I guess in reality it’s not something that you want to think about but it does happen, I lost both of my parents at a young age. I wanted needed to know that Isabelle would be taken care of and would want for nothing if the unthinkable would to happen.

Now the Mr is awaiting heart surgery, scheduled for the next couple of months, reality hit home when we discussed that there could be complications, no matter how small the chances were, they were still there. The solution to our worry was to take out life insurance for both myself and the Mr, and we are currently planning out our will. It honestly seems so morbid to us, to be thinking about these things at such an early point in our lives but needs must.

That routine I was talking about earlier, well it takes both mummy and daddy to go through it, we both have are own little jobs to do. If anything happened to us and as much as it pains me to say it, we need to know that somebody is there to take over and support her, somebody else there to tuck her in at night……

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