Hair today, gone tomorrow

Hair today, gone tomorrow 2

No one likes having unwanted facial hair, I’m one of them. With my Italian and Spanish heritage I drew the short straw when it came to hair, while I love having a full head of strong thick hair, it’s not quite the same when you have thick,dark facial hair (unless you are male of course) Your self esteem and confidence can take a knocking when you are sensitive about pesky unwanted hair.

I really wish it didn’t bother me but unfortunately I’m not one of the relaxed ladies who are happy to rock the au natural look, if I could wave a magic wand and make it all disappear I would but alas I do not have that option. Instead I have been hiding and disguising my shame for years, bleaching the facial hair (moustache included) which hasn’t been without it’s mishaps. Let me tell you about the time when I was preparing for my summer holiday; like always my preholiday beauty regime included the bleaching of my facial hair. There were no hiccups with the process and I was mightily pleased with the results, what happened next turned into a disaster. You see my hair goes naturally lighter in the sun, something I didn’t really take into account when I was prepping my beauty regime. This wouldn’t have been a problem, I had lovely sun kissed hair but my facial hair on the other hand was already a blonde colour from bleaching, this hair in the sun turned an incredible shade of white which you can only imagine looked absolutely shocking against my tan. The darker I became, the more the hair stood out. It was not one of my finest moments.

Over the years it has become darker, in fact pregnancy increased my hair growth, I became a hormonal woolly mammoth. Once my pregnancy was over, I was not one of the lucky ones where the excess hair miraculously disappears months after the birth of their beautiful newborn, for me it stuck. Three years on and I’ve given up hope of it disappearing, instead I have been considering laser hair removal to boost my confidence. It has to be worth a try, laser hair removal prices work out less in the long run than my continuous purchasing of lotions and potions and scaring the Mr while looking like the swamp monster with creams and masks. I’ve read up on laser hair removal reviews and come to the conclusion that it seems to be the ideal solution for me to be fuzz free, maybe I’ll even look into having my eyebrows done to as I’m rather lazy when it comes to those hairy bad boys. I’ll soon be starting my laser hair removal treatments at my local Manchester sk:n clinic but there are sk:n clinics all over the UK offering a wide range of treatments, not just the hair removal.

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  1. I cant believe simply how painless it is. And its also become incredibly cheap to boot. There is simply no need to suffer these days.

  2. Laser hair removal is a godsend for everyone who needs it. Cheap, effective and it does not hurt.

  3. Nice post and very good hair laser treatment and at best price. Thanks for sharing.

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