Get to know a blogger

Get to know a blogger 2

Hidden behind my blog I feel some haven’t actually had the chance to get to know me, here are a few facts and snippets of information to get you acquainted


1) I’m a firm believer that real bear hugs are often fatal
2) I don’t wear a watch as I don’t like seeing how late I am
3) I’m extremely clumsy, some have used the words ‘accident prone’
4) I’m often found dancing…..terribly. Seriously I have no rhythm and no coordination but I can do a pretty awesome ‘running man’
5) I have conversations with my pets, particularly my cat Jasper, I think he’s pretty darn cool for a cat
7) I love computer games, particularly Zelda
8) Toes freak me out as well as foot fungal infections
10) I constantly worry that I have forgotten something
11) I love photography, it’s something I wish I could pursue, perhaps when I have more time on my hands?
11) I love all things Disney, it’s magical
13) I’m rather geeky, I love Star Wars, Comics, Battlestar Galactica, Lord of the Rings, Adventure Time & Robot Chicken
12) I often say things at the wrong moment and mix up my words, it makes for interesting conversations
13) My dream is to up sticks and move to Colorado
14) I’m a dreamer
15) I dislike wearing shoes and socks…I like my feet to be naked, unless of course it’s for an awesome pair of converse
16) I love 80s cartoons and movies
17) I have always wanted to be a Ghostbuster and hope one day to pursue this ambition
18) I change my career goals on a daily basis
19) I lost both my parents but I wouldn’t change how my life turned out for anything
20) When I was younger I hated my name as I could never find anything with my name on it. I felt left out when I was one of the only children in school that didn’t have a headband/pencil case with my name written on. I actually like my name now
21) I have a huge phobia of insects going inside my ears, my phobia meant that I sported earmuffs to bed in my younger years….moths are the main culprit
22) I love music, The Smiths, The Beatles, Pendulum, SOAD, my taste varies depending on my mood
23) The day I lost my rubix cube was a sad day
24) I spend far too much time on Reddit
25) I wish I could roller-skate without looking like a right knobber
26) I’m socially inept
27) I always trust my instincts
28) I bite my lip an awful lot
29) My ambition is to write and illustrate children’s books
30) Some of my closest friends are people I have never met

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