Creating the Perfect Home Workspace

Creating the Perfect Home Workspace 2

If you a person who, like me, works from home, having a dedicated workspace is very helpful. It is not 100% essential, but having everything you need close at hand certainly makes things easier. It really helps you to get into “work mode”. You just cannot be very productive if you work on your sofa, with the TV blaring and the rest of the family occasionally interrupting your train of thought with a question or request.

Set aside a corner of an underused room

Fortunately, you do not necessarily need a lot of space to be able to set up a nice workspace for yourself. It is quite possible to use a small area in your dining room as your work area. Most of the day, this part of the home is not in use, which makes it a particularly good spot. All you need to do is to order yourself a couple of inspirational prints from hello to hang in a corner, over your desk. This approach delineates the area as being different from the rest of the room. It provides you with somewhere to set up your printer and laptop. Plus, room to stow your stationery and keep any research materials close at hand.


Set up a temporary workspace

If you do not like the idea of a permanent desk because you think it will ruin the look of the room you could use a fold up one instead. That way you could put them all in a cupboard and only get it out when you need it. This approach works for some people. However, you need to be aware of the fact that you will not want to be bothered getting the desk and your box out to set up your workspace, every day. As a result, you may still end up trying to work sitting on the sofa surrounded by distractions.

Usually, you will be far better off setting up a proper desk area in your bedroom, instead. That way, it is out of sight, but always accessible to you.



Turn a cupboard into an office

Potentially, you can even turn a closet or other type of cupboard into an office. You can see how easy it is to do this by watching this very short video.

Create a chair office

The fact that, these days, most of us work on a laptop means you can potentially even create a workspace using just a comfy chair, a light, a lap desk, a box with a lid and a couple of pictures. Just pick a quiet corner. Place the chair, set up the lamp behind it, plug in your laptop and start work. The box is there to hold your stationery, research materials and act as a table for your coffee and papers. You can paint that corner a different colour or use a couple of pictures to delineate that area. Doing this makes a big difference because it helps you to switch from home to work mode.


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