7 House Plants to Make Your House Smell Great the Natural Way

Orchid House Plants

As soon as you walk into a home, you’ll notice if a room is clean by the smell. You have the option to create that smell by using different cleaning products, but the fresh, clean fragrance doesn’t usually last long. Plus, your nose gets so used to the smells inside your home that you might not even notice that the products you use to make your house smell fresh aren’t working anymore. There are, however, other methods you can use to make your house feel fresh without buying all those cleaning products. Instead, you can buy different houseplants that can be placed around your house. Houseplants can also include fragrant flowers that allow you to give your house a fresh smell and a pop of colour.

Benefits Of Having House Plants

  • You’ll feel happy with a fresh smell in the house.
  • Some flowers give you a calm feeling which boosts your mood.
  • The houseplants act as décor and can impress your visitors.
  • Plants can purify the air around your house.

Types Of House Plants Available

Each type of houseplant has different ways to freshen the smell around the house. If you want the best effect, you can even get fresh plants from the farm directly to your doorstep.


Gardenia is the best houseplant to have as they provide the most natural fragrance. The queen gardenia plant emits a rich tropical fruit scent that fills the area where it is situated with freshness for months.

Gardenia gets used in many perfumes due to the rich fragrance. To take care of this plant in your house is rather difficult as they need lots of attention. Place it in a bright area for natural sunlight, and water it once a week to keep it healthy. You only need one of these plants in your house as the scent is very strong.


Orchids are a common plant to have in your home as they provide your house with a strong fresh smell that leaves you wanting more. The fragrance the plant gives your home can differ depending on the type of orchid; some orchids give off a jasmine scent or a lemon-vanilla scent. Orchids are ideal in your house because the plant itself is beautiful and adds to the décor. Taking care of an orchid is easy as all you need to do is keep the plant in direct sunlight and give it occasional water.

Passion Flower

The passion flower is an unusual plant with a soft fragrance and stands out from other plants, thanks to its star shape. It’s beautiful and helps make your house look wonderful.

The passion flower is a natural room freshener that is an excellent alternative instead of a chemical fragrance spray. The passion flower grows quickly, and you need to keep it away from drafts and bright areas to care for it.

Rosemary Plant

A rosemary plant has a strong herby fragrance, and it looks like a needle which is a fantastic idea if you want to use a different plant as part of your décor. The fragrance is normally used in natural cleaning products.

To take care of this plant, you need to give it lots of sunlight and water – the soil has to stay wet without drowning the plant.


The mint plant comes in subtly different fragrances, such as apple mint, peppermint, and lemon mint, which gives the air in your house a refreshing scent. The fragrance is sweet, and you can even use the leaves to add to food or drink items, making this a multi-purpose plant.

The mint plant needs lots of care. You’ll need to water this plant three or four times a week to keep the soil moist, but it can be left anywhere as long as it gets enough sunlight.

Citrus plant

A citrus plant makes your home fill up with the fresh citrus scent, making the area in which it smells great. The citrus plant is a natural air freshener where the fragrance will awaken and invigorate your senses every time you smell it while walking around your home.

The citrus plant is a dwarf plant allowing you to keep it as a houseplant. With enough care and time, it can grow its fruit.

Lavender House Plants

Lavender plant

The lavender plant has distinctive purple flowers, which is where the fragrance comes from. This plant removes the damp odour you may find in the bathroom and replaces it with a distinctive, strong lavender scent.

The lavender plant needs to be kept in bright light the majority of the day, and it needs to stay cool and moist. It’s entirely possible to grow your own lavender plant inside.

Sweet Bay

The sweet bay is a small, slow-growing plant that you can place on any countertop, leaving a savoury but clean herbal aroma filling the area in which you have placed it. The shrub fills the air with a lemon smell that is so natural that it won’t overpower your senses.

The shrub is available in different colours, such as white or ivory. The shrub’s leaves also have a natural, earthy smell that can be used in food items.

You need to keep the sweet bay plant in a sunlit area. You also need to keep the soil as moist as possible.


Having plants in your house can naturally make the house smell great and add a bit of colour to the décor. Houseplants come in varieties and sizes and are bought for different reasons as it fills the home with many wonderful smells from a sweet, warm fragrance through to spicy smells. Houseplants are an amazing way to freshen your home, but there are also many other tips to help improve the smell in your home in a natural way.

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  1. Enhance the aroma of your home with fragrant houseplants. Jasmine, known for its sweet scent, is a popular choice that thrives indoors. Lavender, with its calming fragrance, not only smells delightful but also adds a touch of color. The tropical Gardenia offers a rich, floral aroma, creating a pleasant atmosphere. Aromatic herbs like Rosemary and Mint release refreshing scents and are easy to grow indoors. The vibrant and citrus-scented Lemon Balm is another excellent choice. Additionally, the classic and low-maintenance Peace Lily helps purify the air while emitting a subtle, sweet fragrance. Incorporating these fragrant houseplants not only brings natural beauty indoors but also ensures a continuously pleasant and inviting atmosphere.

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