Christmas Pudding

The traditional pudding served after your Christmas lunch has become a family staple made with luxurious ingredients but over the years they have become more extravagant and filled with a variety of fruits and different liqueurs. There are many versions of this lovely after dinner treat containing ample amounts of dried and citrus fruits and booze, lots and lots of booze, some recipes even call for dark beers like stout to enhance the rich flavour.

Christmas Pudding

Now it’s not all about the taste, the Christmas pudding is about the look and also the aroma. The distinctive rich, sweet aroma and nothing quite compares to it. Texture is also important, for me the pudding should be made light, moist and gooey leaving a sticky residue on the roof of your mouth.
I love Christmas pudding in all varieties. The classic Christmas pudding is round in shape and decorated with Holly but now they can be decorated with almost anything festive, a dusting of icing sugar or my favourite slices of citrus fruits. Depending on the ingredients the appearance of the puddings can vary in colour, from a warm toffee colour to a rich dark almost treacle colour.
Now I am a big lover of Christmas pudding and look forward to settling down after my Christmas feast every year with a lovely bowl of pudding and my chosen sauce generously poured over the top and even if I am still full from lunch I will always make room for pudding (who doesn’t leave room for pudding?) What’s great about the traditional pudding is that they are versatile and there are a multitude of sauces and pouring creams that can complement the exquisitely rich tasteful flavour. I enjoy the feel-good factor and the warmth on such a cold Christmas day.

I love the convenience of pre-packaged puddings that I can simply pop in the microwave and there are some very luxurious once to tantalise your taste buds this Christmas. This year I really wanted the ever so popular must have Chirstmas pudding from Waitrose Hestons Hidden Orange Christmas Pudding. Again this year they have sold out in record time and much to my disappointment they are being sold on various auction websites for silly amounts of money.  Then it came to me, why not make our own? I scoured the internet in search of a suitbale recipe to find this beauty, so if you are feeling daring and want to make your own perfect Christmas this year, take a look at this easy to follow step-by-step video for creating a deliciously moist Christmas pudding.

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