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BeeWi Storm Bee 2

We happen to love our gadgets, particularly the Mr and especially if they are android based. What could be better  than a remote controlled helicopter that is controlled by your android device over Bluetooth?

The Storm Bee is a light weight RC helicopter that can be controlled by an iOS or android device, we opted for the android version so that we could use it amongst our android os devices. The BeeWi is available in a stylish black for Android users and also a stand out red for those with an iOS device.

The BeeWi does not require any adapter to connect to your handset or dongles, it uses Bluetooth connectivity to pair to your smartphone or tablet instead.

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Using  the QR code on the front of the packaging, I was able to download the app direct from the Play Store, you can also find the app for free by searching BeeWi. The app took seconds to download and was easy to set up and pair my device with the helicopter.

Main Features:

  • Bluetooth 3.0
  • Infrared interactive target
  • USB charging cable
  • BeeWi HeliPad app available from Google Play
  • Dimensions – 20 x 4 x 11cm
  • Rechargeable Lithium Polymer battery
  • Weight – 45g

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Within less than a minute of installing the app the BeeWi was ready to go. We installed the app and tested the device from the HTC One X and also the Samsung Galaxy S3 without problems.



The app itself is simple to use and makes the most out of the touchscreen interface. Simply tilting or turning a paired smartphone or tablet will motion control the helicopter effortlessly  or you can use you can use the touchscreen like me if you prefer, I found this gave me more control.

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The BeeWi features dual rotostructure blades and an intuitive gyroscope motion control sensor to allow for extra stability when flying. The helicopter has a 20 metre range which makes the BeeWi most suitable for indoor use.

The Mr was soon keen to test the new gadget and put it through its paces, it worked flawlessly with his Samsung Galaxy S3 with no lag manoeuvring up & down, backward/ forward and rotating left & right.

You can fight against other or use the smart target included which features: random fire, shield function and 5 difficulty levels.

The build quality is also really good, the metal chassis and hard plastic body make the device light for controlling but also robust if there are any crashes and bumps. After many crashes with us there are no dents and we have had no problems with the blades which is rather impressive since our last RC helicopter struggled and the Styrofoam body became battered after use.  The weight is distributed well across the helicopter so the control and balance is perfect.

The device charges over USB so will connect to PC/Mac USB port or a USB charger if you have one of those. The actual charge time is pretty short which is great since you get around 8 minutes flight time between charges.

Positives: Great stability and excellent build quality, rather quick charging time

Negatives: It would benefit from a longer fly time between charges and also I would like to see the multi platform compatibility to use both mobile platforms with the same helicopter.

Overall it is easy to fly and maneuverer as well as being small and compact. It has created hours of fun and the Mr has even taken the helicopter to the office, creating obstacle courses to navigate through.

iOS and Android compatible Storm Bees are now available at £49.99 from Amazon


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  1. Shirley Clayton

    at 1:37 pm

    I’ll not add much to the other reviews here other than to echo what they’re saying. This is so easy to fly it’s unreal. Other micro RCs I’ve flown have struggled to maintain height control – over powering or plummetting to the ground. With this you just move the slider up and let go and it pretty much holds that height with very minor adjustments i.e when moving forward it also climbs a little. The control is so good I can land it on a small book for example or fly it to the corner of the room, turn, hold, come back without crazing swings or arcs or dropping height – the control is razor sharp. I like the iphone controls and also the tilt control is pretty intuitive. It seems very robust but just in case, they throw in a few spares.One word of caution – if you intend to fly high or over a hard floor it’s worth remembering that if you receive a text during flight it overrides the controls and the helicopter falls out of the sky!! I see why they make you switch your phone off on planes now :¬)I’d say buy one – in fact I’m buying two for my mates for christmas so we can mess about with them together – there are 3 channels so 3 can fly at once.Hope this is useful.

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