Are we ready?

It saddens me to say that we are going to do the three things that I have dreaded

1) Isabelle is now  forward/world facing in the pram. I do not like this one little bit, I love to see her face and interact with her when we are out and about. She stares at me with her big eyes and watch her face light up when I talk to her. Now we cannot do that, she can ignore me when forward facing and I cannot see her, Isabelle being the independent lady that she is couldn’t care less and she is now far more interested in having a good look around. I may have to turn her back to parent facing. She isn’t really a clingy baby, but it would appear that I am a clingy mother. Even to the extent of still babywearing in a front carry, it does horrendous things to my back carrying a nearly 10 month old but I love sniffing her hair and kissing her head, I’m not sure how long I can keep that up for

2) We are going to be making the transition to move Isabelle into her own room, we should have done this a lot sooner but we love having her there with is. She has probably been ready for this for a long time but we haven’t. We have no fears of anything happening to her so why do we find it so hard to let her go?

3) This is probably the thing that we dread the most. We are going on our first night out since Isabelle was born so she will be staying at her aunts for the night. Since she was born we have never spent the night away from her, it will be a huge shock the the system. The night out will do us some good it’s just hard knowing that she will not be there

Am I just being a silly mummy?


  1. I hope you were able to enjoy your first night out. We had our first night out a couple weeks ago, and though it was strange to be without our little one, we ended up having a great time.

  2. Oh wow, I also hated my 2 going forward facing! I had them rear facing as long as possible but the time came for a double stroller… They love it but I miss seeing them and talking to them.
    I also hate them going in their own rooms, we just moved little miss into her own rom last week at 8 months old. I cried so much!
    We are also having an evening out together in a few weeks, our first since having the kids but are having my sister sit here with them. I’m a terror for being apart from my kids.
    Hope you had a lovely night 🙂

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