Accident Prone

Accident Prone 2

The past few weeks have not been kind to me at all, it’s been one accident after another. It started when the Mr was working away which he does often so I was all alone with the little lady. Nothing out of the ordinary until I dislocated my shoulder yet again in an attempt to save my daughter who thought it would be hilarious to superman herself off of the arm of the sofa onto the arm chair, narrowly missing a plunge to the floor. She was ok, I caught her in time but I wasn’t so lucky. Torn muscles and a dislocated shoulder are not a pleasant thing especially when looking after a very active toddler whilst sporting a collar and cuff sling. I have dislocated my shoulder a few times already this year (it’s a reoccurring problem since I became a teenager) and each time the healing process is becoming longer which has lead to my hospital consultant now deciding on a suitable date for my surgery.

My injuries haven’t stopped there, oh no, following my incident with Evel Knievels sofa launch, I burnt my poor hand and finger whilst cooking up a feast in the kitchen leaving me with some rather fetching, but painful blisters on my hand.

I thought my run of bad luck would stop there, but as the saying goes “everything happens in threes” and so far for me this is correct. Today on a trip back from the shops with my loving daughter in tow, she excitedly caught sight of a dog and instantly attempted to run towards it. She was secure on reigns so wasn’t getting very far, but she did manage to cut across me mid stride causing me to loose my balance and plummet to the floor in a rather epic fashion. The result of this was some grazed knees and a rather huge dent in my pride. My daughters reaction was to laugh in uncontrollable giggles and say “oh no” to the squashed produce in my shopping bag.

I’m now hoping that I’m off the hook with accidents, I need a break


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  1. Susanne@babyhuddle

    at 10:00 am

    OUCH!!! But I have to say that I LOVE the graphics on your site! Looks fab 🙂

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