10 Spring Craft Activities for You and the Kids

10 Spring Craft Activities for You and the Kids 2

With winter finally fading, nights getting lighter and flowers emerging, Spring is an exciting time. No doubt your kids are starting to get excited about Easter and want to start playing outside more. Unfortunately, the weather is not always agreeable so here are some activities to keep them busy in these transitional months and also a few projects for you to try while the little ones are gathered around the craft table. Get your crafty kits from a website such as Artifolk and try the following.


For the Kids…

Coffee Filter Flowers

Coffee machine filters lend themselves brilliantly to recreating spring blossoms and flowers. Get the water colours out to create some beautiful spring colours and pinch together in the middle to get the flower effect.

Crayon Coloured Pebbles

In a low heat oven melt some Crayola Crayons (lowest melting point) and then carefully pour the different colours over small smooth rocks. They will brighten up your garden in the outdoor months to come.

Wind Chimes

Using household items such as old keys, glass bottles and CDs put together your own wind chimes with string and hang on an outside tree. Teach the kids about the Ancient Roman and Asian cultures from which wind chimes originate while you are at it.

Flower Pot Painting

Using basic emulsion paint you can beautify the outdoor terracotta plant pots for a brighter summer garden.

Bird’s Nest Collage

Use a paper plate bent double and painted brown to represent the nest and use brightly coloured card cut out in the shape of birds to create a fun bird’s nest collage.


For You…

Decorate Patio Pavers

Use stencils and masking tape and brighten up your garden’s paving slabs with colourful chalk paint patterns.

DIY Table Runner

Stich together colourful hankies or off-cuts of fabric with attractive patterns for a wonderfully quirky central table runner – perfect for those Easter family get-togethers.

Home-made Vase

Large jars, wine bottles and other vessels which can be found in charity shops can be used as vases as you think about bring the outside in now spring is coming around. Use special glass paint or gold leaf to give them added panache.

Wallpaper Tree

This variation on decals is a wonderfully imaginative way to decorate a blank wall. Using three or four different wallpaper designs, cut out the shape of a trunk then add leaf buds in different patterns at the tips of each.

Pot Pourri Sachets

Freshen up your spring cleaned drawers with pouches of sweet smelling pot pourri packaged in your own embroidered fabric sachets.

Try these ideas for yourself and your kids to get creative this spring. Don’t forget to take pictures of your creations and share on social media to inspire your friends!

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