Uplifting Home Interior Ideas To See You Through The Lockdown

Uplifting Home Interior Ideas To See You Through The Lockdown 2

With the world the way it is at the moment, it is easy to feel down. The situation seems to be getting out of control. And nobody is talking about any end in sight. Fortunately, there are all kinds of ways you can fight the blues and use your interiors to lift your spirits. Let’s take a look at some ideas now. 

Embrace Soothing Interior Shades

When it comes to mood, the shades and colours you choose in your home have the biggest impact. 

If it’s calm you want, choose neutral and pastel colours. If you want to make yourself feel better every time you walk through the door, choose colours like red, orange and yellow – tones that remind you of the sun. 

Try to avoid dark blue colours. These can leave many people feeling depressed. 

Interior Scents

Use Scents

Scents are another powerful tool you can use to improve the atmosphere in your home. And it’s easy to do: you just place a diffuser in your rooms and then set it to emit smells when you return home. 

Scents are more than pretty smells. Evidence suggests that they can actually alter how we feel by interacting positively with the nervous system. Lavender and peppermint can change your psychology and help you feel more relaxed and contented with your life. 

Where you place your diffuser is very much up to you. Most people like to place them next to the front door or beside their bed. You’ll need to replace the water in them and add essential oils separately. Just be careful not to spill any hot water if you decide to move them from one location to another. 

Update Your Bedrest

Swapping out your old headrest on your bed for a new one can completely change the atmosphere of your bedroom. It instantly helps to add character and makes the bed itself more inviting. 

Headrests come in all different shapes and sizes, and they help to make your bed feel more complete somehow. The rest attaches to the wall, bookending the mattress and the pillows. Plus it prevents you from bumping your head painfully on the wall or damaging the paintwork. 

Put Plants In Every Room

Feeling down about being stuck indoors all the time? If so, just bring plants into your home. It’s something people have been doing for thousands of years. 

Interior environments aren’t ideal for most species since they require a large amount of sunlight. But you can now buy many varieties that will do just fine placed indoors for long stretches of time. Usually, you’ll only need to provide light to these plants once per week. The rest of the time, they can thrive indoors, so long as you water them correctly. 

Cacti are great, but they don’t have a cosy vibe. Species like the Chinese money plant are much better in this regard. 

It is surprising just how much greenery can change your mood. There’s something about it that automatically makes you feel more relaxed and contented. The effects are quite remarkable. 

Use More Rugs

Rugs are a practical way to stop your feet feeling cold, but as Cowhide Rugs London demonstrates on its website, they are also a great way to make your interiors feel cosier and more welcoming. 

Think about how much warmer and more inviting you can make a room when you add a rug. What was once a cold harsh interior suddenly becomes somewhere you want to spend as much of your time as possible. 

home gallery wall

Bring Objects You Love Into Your Home

If you can’t go out and get a variety that way, you can always try bringing objects that you love into your home

Many people find that adding paint to their walls can help soothe them. They get lost in the beauty of the artwork and what it means. Others like to bring heirlooms into their homes that remind them of somebody they love. 

Ultimately, what you surround yourself with is a personal decision, but one that you should take seriously. If you’re struggling to enjoy the time you spend in your property, make a concerted effort to find items that will make you feel more at home

Choose Lighting That Sets The Mood

Harsh white and blue lighting is great for seeing what you’re doing, but it can leave you feeling tense. Where possible, choose lampshades or bulbs that help to create soothing tones that put you at ease, especially in the evenings. Go for orange or yellow lights instead of white, blue or green.

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