To Tweak Or Not To Tweak? The Best Cosmetic Enhancements For Mums

cosmetic enhancements

You know what it’s like. Sometimes you stare into your pot of face cream and think “what are you actually doing to make me look less tired/ill/stressed/old since I’ve had kids…?” You slather it on religiously but nothing ever seems to change. Great skincare is important and a good routine of cleansing and moisturising twice a day is enough to keep your skin supple and hydrated.

Be honest, though – do you want more? Would you like it if there was a magic wand that could be waved over your face that would erase the wrinkles and make you look rejuvenated? Tweakments really are coming of age, and they’re improving all the time – with that in mind, here are a few of the best cosmetic enhancement ideas for mums.

Tweakments explained…

A tweakment is basically a minor non-invasive cosmetic procedure. There’s no need to have a general anesthetic for it and you won’t need to be cut open. This is the kind of thing that will subtly enhance what you’ve already got, and make the most of your features.

If you fancy having your brows lifted, you can opt for a non-surgical brow lift. If your lips are lacking in volume and you look like Robert Smith from The Cure every time you put red lippy on, then lip fillers might be the answer to your prayers. They’re a great way to get a plump kissable pout that looks as natural as you want it to. Reputable clinics like City Skin Clinic will always use the best aestheticians and great quality products to give you the very best experience.

cosmetic enhancement botox

The newest enhancements on the block

Botox is still the favourite of many and if it’s what you want to try then there’s no reason why you shouldn’t.

Treatments and injectables have improved leaps and bounds over the years and the latest one to make waves is a non-invasive enhancer called Microtox. This is basically Botox which is a different concentration of the usual solution and it’s injected as micro droplets into the space where the muscle attaches itself to the skin – rather than actually going straight into the muscle itself.

The net result of this is that your skin looks more supple, fresher, and tweaked but you don’t have that ‘frozen’ look that makes you look blank and expressionless (though that’s no bad thing if a colleague is annoying you on Zoom).

If that still sounds a bit too much then look at something like Profhilo – basically a wonder injection of Hyaluronic Acid, which plumps up and cushions the skin to make it look fuller and more perfected. Your skin will look sculpted and natural, and as the solution being injected is a little thinner and more easily accepted by the skin, it’ll bind to and stimulate the natural collagen and elastin that’s already there.

Whether you want something minor to just help you look more awake, or you want to go full-on – tweakments are the way forward in skin and beauty cosmetic enhancements at the moment.

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