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I have often said that now Isabelle is mobile and walking running around I very rarely get any time to myself. Gone are the days of her long naps every couple of hours which provided me with a little time to relax in between her feeds. Now Isabelle has one nap during the day which varies in length (I’m fairly sure that it is just ot keep me on my toes) it doesn’t leave me with any time to sit down.

I never thought I would ever say that I miss the early days where Isabelle would be in the same place as I left her and would be more than happy to sit/lie in her bouncer chair as I hovered or di some laundry. Now I have to contend with a very mobile little girl that gets up to mischief around every corner. From climbing on tables, worktops, window sills, pretty much everything in sight she is always on the go, closely followed by one stressed mummy in an attempt to prevent her from doing any damage to herself or to my home. Today we had an incident with a hammer and the tv in the dining room, luckily before any damage was done I managed to wrestle the hammer from her grasp. How did she get the hammer? Well obviously we don’t leave dangerous items like that just lying around but as we are having work done there are some tools safely out of her reach, or so we thought. Isabelle has taken a liking to the shiny object that lie within daddy’s tool bag and being safe in a bay gated room is not enough so it seems. Stretching to reach the handle of the bag she has managed to pull it towards her through the baby gate making the intriguing items inside very accessible. Her choice was the hammer, the perfect choice for making noise and bashing everything in sight including the TV, although unscathed our kitchen radiator didn’t fare so well and is now sporting a rather fetching dent in the centre and my newly laid laminate floor has also bore th brunt of the mighty toddlers wrath. Now how did this happen? I wasn’t being a neglectful parent she was in the same room as me but I was on the phone to her Nana at the time whilst I was telling her nana what a good girl she had been today.  At the same time as I was opening the fridge to prepare her dinner she was off with a clear goal, to ransack the delights that lay in her dad’s tool bag. A couple of minutes were all it took and I am lucky that she didn’t hurt herself.

So you see Isabelle keeps us on our toes, which means that her bed time certainly cannot come fast enough when it reaches 6pm as I am well and truly exhausted from the day’s adventures and mischief. When bed time arrives I can relax for a couple of hours with piece of mind that she is safe and cannot get into any trouble. When she is all took up in bed it would be nice to have some time to ourselves and relax but this is our time to get things done. It might seem like I am whinging about being a parent but honestly I do love it and wouldn’t change Isabelle for the world. At around 9pm we can sit down as a couple, talk about our days and just generally spend some time together. My partner loves to relax with a hot cup of tea and biscuits or even a coffee especially on these cold nights and not to feel left out I love a cup of Fresh and fruity Twinings fruit infused tea, my current being Pomegranate and Raspberry. After a long day chasing after Isabelle it is just what I need and helps me feel like myself again, even if it’s just for a short time I look forward to it.

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