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Isabelle loves her food and I honestly have no idea where she puts it all. Luckily she has a very healthy diet which includes lots of fresh fruit and vegetables. In-between her main meals she enjoys a good snack or two, now we don’t give her sweets and chocolate out of choice and any unnecessary savoury snacks like crisps. We like to know what goes into her food and are very wary about sugars, salts and additives, this is when we turn to baby snacks and products aimed at children as well as making our own snacks for her.

She enjoys everything that she eats which is great; she has often been the subject of conversation over her eating habbits when we eat out as she likes foods with strong flavours like Olives, lemons and even raw onion. Some of the children’s products are often quite bland in flavour, yes I have tried them. I understand why, they are delicate flavours for little taste buds and I am sure that if it were me being introduced to the world of new tastes then I would want to start small to, but not my daughter. She is happy enough to eat the purchased baby snacks and shows no resistance to eat them which I love but at the same time she will quite literally eat anything. Today I found her eating a raw potato and also a moth much to me disgust (don’t worry though I did stop her, but most of the moth was gone)

One of our favourite snacks are oat bars, we make them ourselves mostly but Isabelle does love the Organix Goodies Veg and Oat Bars to, you might already know that from reading our review of them. Oraganix have a fab range of snacks available from yummy bars to squeezy fruit pouches all appealing to little taste buds. And the best part, they all natural and free from nasty additives. Children love them!

This post has been sponsored by Organix, but all thoughts and words are my own

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