Ranty Friday – My Biggest Pet Peeve

Ranty Friday - My Biggest Pet Peeve 2

Littering, seriously there is no need for it. If I can manage my toddler, bags of shopping, a trolley, public transport as well as my own bags and still manage to keep hold of my rubbish until I find a bin then so can everybody else.


If I have to wait until I get home to dispose of my rubbish, I will. Littering is disgusting and there is no excuse for it, yes I will stop you and ask you to pick it up, no that doesn’t require a mouthful of abuse. I haven’t done anything wrong and yet you have the audacity to laugh when I choose to pick up your items and dispense them in the bin not even 5 metres away. It’s lazy and disrespectful, not cool like you seem to think.

Even my two year old knows not to litter, if she can understand the logic of putting litter in the bin then I don’t get why people see fit to toss cans, wrappers and bottles as they see fit. Just put your damn rubbish in the bin


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