Protecting Timber from those April Showers

Protecting Timber from those April Showers 2

Now that winter is over, it’s time to look around the exterior of the home and the garden at any timber buildings and features you have to protect the wood from the Spring rain and in readiness for the heat of the summer ahead.


Timber can appear in a wide range of applications in an external domestic environment; sheds, summer houses, garden furniture, decking, dog kennels, garden offices and even wooden swimming pools. They have been built to last but need maintenance to ensure that the ravages of weather don’t mean they start to decay and have a vastly shortened lifespan. It’s not only important to treat timber because of the different weather conditions it is exposed to, the awakening of the garden after the winter months means the appearance of wood-damaging insects such as termites. The damp of the winter and early Spring can also cause and encourage fungal growth which will eat away at the fibres of the structure until collapse becomes the eventual outcome.


Timber treatment is an easy and efficient technique to protect all kinds of wood. There are a number of different options with the three main ones being water-borne treatment, oil-borne treatment and Light Organic Solvent Preservatives.

Water-borne treatment is a popular choice as it is inexpensive, readily available and easy to apply. It is supplied as a ready-mix of insecticide, preservative and a water-based solvent. It’s applied with vacuum or pressure treatment equipment and the result is a protective layer on the wood.

Oil-borne treatment is linseed or Tung oil which is then mixed with a preservative. It goes much deeper into the timber and is long-lasting. It gives a great finish and repels water to stop any issues of damp.

Light Organic Solvent Preservatives use white spirit which is then mixed with chemicals which are water-repellent and then an insecticide is added. A protective coating is produced and is often the choice in industrial environments due to its durability qualities. It’s not suitable for any wood which comes into contact with the soil but gives a great finish if used where appropriate.


Taking the time to treat all timber buildings and features during April will mean that they are protected for the seasons to come. It’s a job which will result in great looking timber and the satisfaction of knowing they will look just as good as the months go by.

If you are planning to install summer houses, garden houses or timber sheds on your property then get in touch with a renowned company such as York Timber Products. Such a smart move will reduce the timber maintenance to a larger extent.

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