Packing Tips When Moving or Redecorating

Packing Tips When Moving or Redecorating 2

Whether we’re moving house altogether, or simply renovating our current abode, there comes a time in most of our lives where we will have to carry out the mundane and time-consuming task of packing up our belongings. Packing doesn’t have to be treated as a chore, though – in fact, it gives us the opportunity to get organised, consider what belongings we really need and declutter our homes.

Here, I outline a few top packing tips I’ve picked up over the years, in order to make the process as stress-free as can be.


Label your boxes carefully

Any professional declutterer (yes, they do exist!) will tell you that the first step to packing up your belongings is to label your boxes in a coherent way. Though it depends on how meticulous you choose to be, the labelling process normally shouldn’t take too long, however, it can save you a huge amount of time when you come to unpack it all at the end.

Rather than rummaging through a tonne of boxes that all look the same, just to find an item, your search can be narrowed down significantly when you’ve made the effort to label storage boxes by room and/or contents – organisational skills Marie Kondo would be proud of!

Pack logically

If you are packing up your entire house, then the most logical route to take would be to start with the rooms or items you use least, and working backwards so that your everyday essentials are left until the final day or two.

The lesser-frequented rooms like the garage, attic, study and conservatory are all good places to start, and within these hoarder-havens, you’ll no doubt uncover many items you forgot you had – a great reason to combine packing with decluttering!

packing boxes


Pack an essential items box

The importance of creating an essential items box cannot be stressed enough! This should include all your day-to-day essentials, such as your phone charger, a clean set of clothes, toilet paper, wash bag, pet food, and anything else you use daily to get by.

The box itself should be clearly marked and distinctive from the others, such as another colour or material, so that it doesn’t get lost within a seas of packaging, and you can easily locate it when you arrive at your destination.

Think about the weight

Many people get carried away when packing and forget to think about how heavy each box might become, much to their dismay later on. As such, try not to fill out larger boxes with lots of items, since they will be difficult to carry around and the box might even collapse under the weight of the contents.

As a general rule, try not to exceed the recommended 30 pounds per box, as going over this can cause back injuries when lifting. Remember, it’s better to have a larger number of boxes that are easy to carry, than a few that are virtually impossible to move.

Moreover, to make boxes easier to pick up, a top tip is to cut a couple of holes out on either side, creating makeshift handlebars for quick transportation!

Enlist help

For bigger moves, or for those of us with lots of possessions, it might be worthwhile enlisting the help of a removals company. Many businesses offering removals to Manchester and elsewhere across the UK, also provide professional packing services as part of the price.

These people have years of experience, which means they understand exactly how to pack in the most efficient way, as well as ensuring your belongings arrive at your destination safely, therefore taking all the stress out of the task for you!

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