Modern Gift Ideas for Modern Women

Modern Gift Ideas for Modern Women 2

In today’s age, things are always changing. It seems like every day a new world-changing discovery is made, only for that to become out of date and obsolete within a year or two. This continual state of flux applies to everything – including gifts.

Whether you consider yourself an expert gift-giver or someone who regularly struggles to think of great present ideas, there’s no denying that your gift of choice today is wildly different to what it would have been ten years ago. This quick gift idea guide is designed to help inspire you, giving you a few prompts and ideas if you’re struggling to think of a modern gift for the special lady in your life. Hopefully, it helps!

flower gift

Contemporary Flowers

Firstly, it’s important to say that timeless gifts are still a great choice, the only thing that you need to think about is taking a modern spin on them. For women who like the latest thing or aren’t a fan of conventional flowers and presents, consider taking a look at some contemporary flower gifts instead.

Contemporary flower bouquets tend to use unconventional or tropical flowers which are less commonly found. This can be a great talking point when you deliver your present or, if you need a convenient gift solution, you can also get these types of flowers delivered straight to your loved one’s door. Pick out some unique modern flowers and you’re sure to impress even the least traditional woman in your life.

Smart Jewellery and Watches

For fans of technology, the revolution in smart jewellery and wristwear has delivered a host of different gift ideas you can make use of. Smart jewellery has taken off recently, particularly in the fitness sector and it’s only getting more popular over time. There are smart rings to track your heartbeat and sleep patterns, smart necklaces to track your stress levels and smart watches to inform you of any phone calls or texts you receive – the options are hugely varied.

Smart jewellery is usually a little more expensive and luxurious than the other options in this guide but it is a great way of guaranteeing that you give something your loved one has never received before. Just be sure that whatever jewellery you get is going to fit!


Personalised Homeware

Alternatively, if you’re really stuck for a modern present idea then go for the safest option out there – personalised gifts. Personalisation is an amazing way of showing that you care about someone and can make even fairly mundane items a lot more special. This is also a brilliant method of taking your strictly practical gift and giving it a special touch.

Homeware can be one of the best ways to incorporate personalisation into a gift. Homeware trends are constantly changing and updating but your loved one’s abode and tastes will not. Explore the current décor in your recipient’s home and get an idea of their tastes before buying, then consult online resources for inspiration and pick out a customisable choice. Whether it’s choosing which style of mirror is right for you or deciding on what colour of personalised cushion to get, interior design is much more complicated than you’d think so take your time.

These three modern gift ideas are a great way of bringing something new and up-to-date into a loved one’s life but they’re far from the only options out there. Ultimately, everyone is different and the right present for the woman in your life is going to be wildly different from someone else’s. Trust your instinct and understanding of that person or ask for help from others close to them if you’re still stuck.

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