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I’ve never really been into sports and the mere thought of competing in them myself brings me out in a cold sweat. Even in school when it was supposed to be a fun form of fitness I would shudder when cross country was mentioned, it was surprising when I tried out for the schools rounder’s team and actually achieved a place on their team. Now what I did enjoy was the Aerobics, quite possibly because it involved a lot of bouncing around and throwing my arms and legs everywhere but that was 10 years ago and I haven’t taken part in any sports since other than dragging my backside to the gym (I have just made myself feel very old saying that).

I know I’m not alone when it comes to my aversion to sports but then when I think about my own little girl I really don’t want her to have the same attitude as me. I want her to take part in the activities and actually enjoy them, I see these young children that would rather sit and play computer games than go outside to play, they are missing out. Missing out on the fun that being outdoors with your friends and also the lack of activity isn’t doing much for their health and I should know, being a rotund, round, chubby, however you want to call it myself.

Isabelle is already very active, its actually quite difficult to keep up with her sometimes, just a few days ago she refused to be seated in her pram on a family day out and insisted that she walked/ran the four miles around the park (at 15 months that’s a pretty good achievement) whilst mummy was left carrying the bags and pushing an empty pram. I’m hoping her never ending energy carries on and she wants to take part in after school sports and maybe even some dance classes so she doesn’t end up like mummy.

So what has brought this on?

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Well as you all know the Olympics are approaching us fast and being the host this year it’s a huge thing that everyone is talking about. It seems as though everyone has caught Olympic Fever, me included. I wasn’t lucky enough to be able to get any tickets for the events but I will be keeping up with scores and medals throughout. How could I not be interested when the world’s top athletes congregate for a massive event? Even my partner has shown interest in it which is more surprising than me; he’s a stereotypical IT Linux Professional that spends the majority of his day on or around computers. What’s even better is that the local schools are gearing up for the events and creating a lot of excitement amongst children, some even creating their own mock Olympics and having Olympics themed sports days. There’s an event that everyone can try their hand at from running, to jumping and even ping pong, that’s the best part about it! For me I would have loved the ping pong or even the slightly more aggressive badminton.

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In the hype of the events the International Olympic Committee are asking the whole world to become involved by showcasing their talents and creating a video. This video will feature in the global Olympic TV spot and also the winner will win a trip to the London 2012 Olympic Games. There are lots of other great prizes to be won to, so I’m now off to discover if I have any talent or if Isabelle can impress us with some funky dance moves worthy of that Olympic TV spot.

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