It’s Not Just for Women – Laser Hair Removal for Men

It's Not Just for Women - Laser Hair Removal for Men 2

Nowadays a large population of men opt for hair removal solutions, as they want to keep their body aesthetically clean. This clean look doesn’t denote personal hygiene but to have a clean and neat Appearance without excessive hair growth on the body. Most of the men from the modelling and media field were the people who did these treatments earlier where their field of work required it, and then athletes started manscaping to have a clean look when they appeared in the world competitions. But now most of the men have started to do hair removal treatments according to their needs. Nowadays there is an increase in men clients in all hair removal clinics.

Male Grooming

These hair removal treatments were earlier done by traditional methods such as shaving, trimming, Waxing and threading on men. These methods were all temporary and were not permanent solutions. These methods were very hectic and painful. The people undergoing these traditional methods had to do these in regular intervals as their hair kept growing back. These methods had their side effects too. In case of shaving if not done carefully there can be cuts and bruises and if the blades are not cleansed and new even rashes can occur. Waxing can cause irritation on skin as hot wax is used to remove the hair from the body. If these waxing methods are done on sensitive skin it can cause serious irritation. Threading is done to remove facial hair so if not done by a professional one can get injured. Trimming on the other hand has to be done very frequently compared to the other methods. But science and technology has advanced so much that there is a right solution for all the hair removal needs and that is laser Hair removal treatments.

Laser hair removal treatment is a blessing in the world of hair removal solutions. Laser hair removal for men is a permanent solution and is less hectic. Laser treatments are mostly done by Dermatologists in the clinics which specialises in these treatments. Laser treatments can be availed now in Spas which have dermatologists and experts. This treatment is done only after the proper consultation so a complete analysis is made on the client’s skin, so it’s completely safe. Laser treatment is done by passing the right amount of high intensity light on the epidermis of the skin which damages the follicles so that hair growth is stopped. Laser is passed only to the top layer of the skin so there is no damage done to the skin. Laser treatments are less time consuming and can be completed in two to three visitations.

Men usually do these treatments to remove unwanted hair from their chest and back as some men have intense hair growth on their chest and back. Athletes remove their hair from chest, back and legs to have a clean look when they go for competitions. Bodybuilders remove the hair from their body so as to expose their muscles better. Bald men usually get this treatment done to remove cluster growth on the head and to have a clean look.

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