Who is this imposter and what have you done with my baby?

Who is this imposter and what have you done with my baby? 2

Isabelle has always been a headstrong baby she has never really been one for a cuddle so imagine my surprise over the past week or two when my little girl cries if she is not picked up.

We’re used to her whinging if we try and pick her up for a cuddle as she would much prefer to be off by herself and getting into mischief. Now she has become my shadow. I’ve been told that they now feel abandonment but surely even if I am stuck next to her she wouldn’t feel this?

I love a cuddle with her and maybe I secretly enjoy it when she cries for me (hey its nice to be needed) but I do fear that we are “creating a rod for our own backs” so to speak. Do I ignore her? Do I continue to pick her up? I have no idea

My solution so far (well I say solution but it hasn’t resolved anything) is to get down on the floor with her and for a short time it seems to keep her happy. That is until she realises why she was crying in the first place.

I went as far as to envying fellow mummies that had cuddly babies when mine would squirm away. Overtime I had learned to love the fact that I had a very independent baby so now it is a big shock to the system. I am not sure what has caused this massive U turn it could be a whole number of things (right now my money is on teething but I do have a tendency to blame everything on teething)

Dare I say it but there is now some envy for those with babies that are gaining independence and wanting to explore.

I have been told “enjoy it while you can, she won’t be like that forever” and I know she won’t. What if I get attached to a cuddly baby then one day she decides that she has better things to do than cuddle mummy?

For now I shall enjoy my cuddle bear ……………..

Who is this imposter and what have you done with my baby? 3

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  1. Love this!! x

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