How To Plan A Fun Road Trip Your Family Will Love

How To Plan A Fun Road Trip Your Family Will Love 2

If the thought of visiting a tropical island paradise right in the heart of Great Britain is not enough to dust off those old travelling sneakers, then learning to surf just might. Although there are plentiful stops along the way to enjoy sandwiches and tea, it’s not always about the destination on a road trip, but more about the journey. With the car packed to capacity with baby, toddler, child, and teen paraphernalia, it’s time to hit the road and fill the trip with fun and memories.



But first, food

Sure, sandwiches taste great and are economical, but one of the best ways to make the trip a treat for the whole family is to make it a gastronomical experience. Choose three destinations that will serve as food stops along the journey and pair it up with a food passport that will allow the kids to keep a keepsake of the trip. Perhaps have the children choose the destinations in order for them to work up some excitement along the way. Some chips for starters in town, pie and gravy in one of the villages as mains along the way, and ice cream on the pier for dessert. For those who prefer to pack their own food for the journey, coffees or chocolate stops work just as well.

The right car can make the difference

Dad’s vintage Volvo 122 with its leather seats and Lexus engine is the ideal car for road trips, but only when no one else goes along. For something a little more comfortable, consider an SUV with all the bells and whistles such as entertainment systems and Wi-Fi zones. However, those who need space and a lot of it should consider getting a full-sized truck to fit in everything and the kitchen sink for road trips that go beyond the county. Plenty of trucks offer additional seating for passengers but it’s the cargo area that speaks to moms and dads who are reluctant to leave anything behind. When space is no longer an issue, the road trip is able to take on a whole new level of fun as suddenly a whole variety of toys and sports equipment can come along. Fun stops along the way can now include picnics and small bouts of cricket, boogie boarding at the coast, and more.



Respond to strange road signs

Those who find themselves along the roads less travelled often come across signposts that read “best honey in the whole county” or “visit the home of the famous Joe Soap”. While there might be a few misses when following the prompts to visit these sites unplanned, there could also be a few wins along the way. This is a fun way to introduce spontaneity and a sense of adventure in children. Encourage them to keep a journal and jot down their experiences as these could be treasured memories as they grow older.

One of the best ways to keep the family entertained and excited on a road trip is to ensure that they’re part of the planning and decision-making. With a few snacks and supplies, road trips are the ideal way to add to the memory bank.

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