How to Make Your Home Feel More Personalised

home décor

Home décor can take on all kinds of different styles and looks. Homeowners can easily get caught up in what’s trending, what the “in” colours are, and the must-have pieces, but after a while, your home starts to look void of personality. If you’re simply copying what you see in a designer magazine, then you’re missing out on the personal touches. Here we’ll take a look at how you can make your home feel more personalised and make it feel true to you and your family.


Create a Photo Wall of Family Prints

There’s nothing that screams “personalisation” quite like family photos. What a wonderful way to celebrate special moments as a family such as milestone birthdays, graduation, school photos, a family vacation and more. Photo prints can be made in different sizes which also allows you to customise the final look. Don’t feel as though they all need to be the same size and orientation; mixing and matching can make it more natural and organic. You can also add to your photo wall over time and as more special memories are made. If you’re the type of person who likes a more cohesive look, pick a theme and then swap them out yearly with an updated version of that theme.

Find Décor in Unexpected Places

For those of you who are used to picking décor pieces in the big box shops, why not step outside your comfort zone and search smaller, more unexpected places? Some of the best places to find décor that will feel unique and personal to your tastes are vintage shops, antique shops, markets, local artisans and even in nature.

To ensure you don’t feel overwhelmed choosing décor, professional designers recommend you choose a colour palette and/or theme. Each piece you choose then needs to work with that colour palette or theme, which can stay consistent throughout all the main rooms in the house.

Indoor Plants Can Have a Surprising Effect on the Home

Another tip is to embrace your inner green thumb and get some indoor plants. Any time you add nature to your décor, it makes the space feel more comfortable, welcoming and personal. And if you’re not particularly experienced in gardening, don’t worry as many indoor plants are low maintenance and easy to keep looking healthy.

Some great indoor plant options include:

  • Schlumbergera
  • Spider Plants
  • Pony Tail Palm
  • Cacti
  • Peace Lilies

To keep your plants looking great, you need to ensure they have enough natural light. You also need to water them the recommended amount according to the care guide, and if needed, give them plant food. Plants are also wonderful at purifying the air, so you’ll have that bonus. Their benefits are quite vast and worth doing some research on.

It’s only natural to want a home that looks stylish and fabulous, but it still needs to feel like you. Adding personal touches such as this help to bring your home to life, showcase your style and personality and make it different from everyone else’s space.

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