How to Get Glowing Healthy Skin for Summer

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The coming of summer is usually brutal with soaring temperatures. Summer is the season for wearing sundresses, skirts and off-shoulder clothing and exposing more skin. It is time for a skincare overhaul because the usual products you use during colder seasons might not be appropriate for your skin’s health during this season.

Here are some beauty tips for having glowing and healthy skin this summer.

Exfoliate for healthy skin

After months of cold and potentially dry weather, you skin has probably accumulated dead cells and maybe even a couple rough patches or two. Exfoliation gets rid of dead skin cells and promotes cell turnover, reviving your skin and bringing back a healthy glow. You may use a washcloth, brush or salt scrubs- the important thing is you take it slow to avoid doing it excessively.

Keep your skin hydrated

After exfoliation and especially after being in the sun all day, your skin needs a moisturizer that will replenish its hydration levels and keep it hydrated throughout the day. Use a moisturizer that is not greasy but rich enough to keep the vital moisture in your skin locked in, like for example the rich moisturizing Blue Lagoon cream, which keeps your skin hydrated, radiant and healthy.

How to Get Glowing Healthy Skin for Summer 1

Eat fruits and vegetables

Your diet is essential to maintaining healthy skin. Applying antioxidants alone is not sufficient in preventing skin damages. Include healthy food items like fruits and vegetables in your diet to maintain healthy skin during summer. They contain the necessary nutrients and antioxidants that help reduce problems of the skin, inflammations and even sunburns. They also promote the creation of collagen, making your skin radiant and plump.

Wear sunscreen

Sunscreen is among the most important skincare products to have during summer (and year-round!). You have to protect every exposed part of your body against the sun by applying sunscreen with the right SPF factor for your skin. Prolonged exposure to UV may lead to permanent skin impairment, skin cancer, early ageing, sunburns and wrinkles. You should apply sunscreen a minimum of two times a day on all uncovered areas of the skin.

Take cold showers

Hot showers deprive the skin of its moisture, so try to avoid long hot showers during the summer season. Try taking shorter showers with cold or lukewarm water to avoid dry, unhealthy skin. Other than being refreshing, the cold shower prevents skin damages and the development of acne. Instead of rubbing your body after the shower, pat it dry, then apply a moisturizer immediately to keep the skin hydrated.

Don’t forget to give your face some attention too and make sure it is protected, moisturized and radiant. Use a face mist, eye cream, under-eye patches, honey or cucumber to cool off and hydrate your face. Also, remember to get enough rest for your body to recoup and maintain healthy, glowing skin.

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