Home Trends For 2018

Home Trends For 2018 2

With 2018 just around the corner, many of us are already thinking about how to refresh our home design for the spring. Maybe it’s a splash of vibrant colour, a piece of vintage furniture or a more open layout, but however you’re thinking of redesigning your home for 2018, it’s best to get started sooner rather than later. If you’re unsure of where to start, this selection of key home style trends is guaranteed to inspire. Ranging from instant tricks to serious makeovers, these ideas will help you to get the home you really want this year.


Go Natural

One of 2018’s biggest style themes for homes is incorporating natural elements into a design. The idea behind this is that the home reflects the natural landscape in which it is built, making it feel as though the beauty of the outdoors also exists indoors. This means that how you interpret this trend will depend on where you live and what natural elements surround your home. If you live in a green or wooded area, a statement wood-panelled wall and plenty of potted plants will help to bring nature into your home. If you live in a place with distinctive rock or stone, making this a feature through a stone table or an exposed ceiling will make your home feel more connected to the outdoors.


It might be difficult to incorporate natural elements in your home if you live in a big city or a suburb, but there are still ways you can open up your home to make it feel lighter, brighter and more natural. Installing larger windows in your home is a sure fire way of making your home seem more in touch with its surroundings. Simply being able to see the sky and have plenty of daylight will add a more natural, fresh feel. An even more effective way of doing this is with external bifold doors, which you can open up in the spring and summer to remove the boundary between your home interior and the great outdoors.

Colour Splash

A big part of the home design trends any year is the new colour palettes, and many people will be happy to know that millennial pink is transforming this year into softer, deeper shades of lilac and lavender. Florals are also a favourite this year, with big, bold patterns being to go-to style. Rich colours in the form of statement furniture add warm accents to otherwise minimalist spaces with monotone palettes. Experimental types might try out the ‘tone on tone’ trend, which involves painting a cabinet or similar item the same shade as the wall behind it, giving an interesting texture.

Just as important as colour palettes is the use of materials, as demonstrated with the recent rose gold and marble trends. Both of these are still very much in demand, but in 2018 they will be combined with differently coloured metals and stones to create a more interesting and detailed effect. Warm brass tones on bathroom and kitchen fittings are key, as they complement the warm colour palettes that are bound to become a favourite. Tiles are also making a comeback, specifically white ones with a simple border pattern to add intricacy to a kitchen.

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The Ceiling’s the Limit

Statement walls have been a firm style favourite for years now, but this year the real focus point will be the ceiling. Statement ceilings are becoming something of a Pinterest obsession, with pins growing by 310% last year. Take a look at some of the images and it’s easy to see why: these ceilings are simply stunning. The geometric designs that have become a favourite in the last few years are making their way to the top of our homes, with graphic patterns and art-deco inspired prints transforming ceilings into real works of art.

This year’s must-have colour palettes can also be used to create a colourful ceiling pattern, whether it’s painted by hand, stencilled or simply incorporated into wallpaper. Subtle lavender tones will create a calm feel, while warm reds and corals add an unrivalled vibrancy. Another option for a statement ceiling is to install beams or an all-wood ceiling, which will create a rustic vibe and transform the look of an entire room.

However you plan on refreshing your home style this year, these trends are sure to be a hit. Whether you choose to interpret them in your own way or take them at their word, you’re guaranteed to create a home that feels completely refreshed and ready for 2018.

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