Home Interiors: Maintaining your Vinyl Flooring to keep your home looking perfect


With so many people turning to vinyl flooring as an option for their home due to the low cost benefits, it may be surprising to learn that the other aspect that appeals is the low areas of maintenance required to keep the floor in pristine condition.

vinyl flooring

With anti scratch, anti stain and moisture resistance properties people generally feel that it is all in hand, but little touches of care with your floor will ensure it keeps a healthier life and look.

How to maintain your vinyl flooring to keep your home looking perfect

Stain Removal

For starters, cleaning your luxury vinyl flooring is not a lengthy process so don’t expect to be on your knees for long periods of time. It also does not require different chemicals to regain its fresh appeal.

For any spillages such as juice or alcohol or light stains, a simple dishcloth soaked with warm soapy water or washing up liquid will effectively remove any stain with placement on the area for no more than 15 minutes.

More stubborn, harder to shift stains from sauces or ink based products require a bit more attention in cleaning where mixing warm water and bicarbonate soda together to form a paste like substance. From there, place this paste onto the area and slowly rub the stained area until the stain is no longer visible and any trace is completely gone.

A Simple Mop

Due to its tendency to block out any leakage between tiles and boards, Vinyl is incredibly easy to clean with a simple household mop or sponge based cleaning apparatus.

Utilise a simple floor cleaning solution, but you can also use vinegar or washing up liquid mixed with hot water to effectively remove any deep stain that may seem problematic. Ensure that you wring the mop after each section not drenching your floor with more water than necessary.

Your floor can receive damage from too much water and cause discoloration or warping.

Resisting Scratches and Scuffs

You’ll find that vinyl is incredibly durable and does not succumb to the usual problems caused by daily abuse.

If deep scratches do occur, it’s useful to know that individual pieces can be easily replaced without taking up huge sections of the floor. Being a relatively cheap option for flooring, scratches in vinyl can be repaired inexpensively with the use of sandpaper, car wax and dish detergent. Ensure that all dirt on the floor has been cleaned away before sanding down the vinyl without damaging the finish.

Once the scratch has been thinned out, use dish detergent and water to clean away any dust from the sandpaper. Following this, circle buffing the floor with some car wax with a clean rag will give the floor a finish and retain the original look of the floor. The texture should also feel consistent with other surrounding boards.

Advice from Suppliers

It is always recommended that you get advice from your vinyl flooring suppliers when it comes to maintaining a healthy floor. Thankfully, experts in the business have many alternative methods within their knowledge to better help you keep the floor to its original look and feel.

Amtico is a supplier of luxury vinyl tile that is respected in the industry for its exclusive design and unrivalled craftsmanship in ranges such as Spacia and Signature Wood. Luvanto is another industry favourite which offers stunningly realistic and practical flooring options within collections such as Pace and Endure Pro. Invictus balances natural elements and luxury in oak, tile and slate throughout collections such as Optimus and Maximus.

Getting the best advice on how to keep your home vibrant through floor care is an extra bonus that suppliers can provide as they are the experts when it comes to ensuring your vinyl floor lasts the longest and gives a guaranteed look of perfection no matter how challenged it can be.

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