Quick & Easy Home Improvements on a Budget This Spring

Spring is in the air and it’s time to get started on those home improvements that we have been putting off all winter. Here are a few tips and tricks to give your home a spruce this spring with some quick and easy home improvements on a budget.


Starting small, little changes can make a huge difference in a room like changing pictures and prints inside frames. I like to rotate the prints in my frames throughout the year, sometimes with a seasonal theme. You can purchase prints from online stores like Etsy or even make and print your own if you fancy having a go. Other little changes like soft furnishing i.e throws and sofa cushions can be changed on a small budget.

Quick & Easy Home Improvements on a Budget This Spring 1


Don’t worry if replacing your entire floor in a room isn’t in your budget, having your carpets cleaned or simply adding a rug to a room can make all the difference and make rooms appear brighter.

Quick & Easy Home Improvements on a Budget This Spring 2


It might sound simple but have a declutter and then reorganise your belongings. There’s a big trend at the moment of decanting your kitchen pantry items (ie. Flour and spices) into matching jars with labels, not only does it look tidier and more aesthetically pleasing, it can all be done on a budget. Purchasing jars and a label maker can turn your pantry into a modern and well-organised bliss, without breaking the bank.

Quick & Easy Home Improvements on a Budget This Spring 3

Add Plants

I’m a huge fan of greenery in the home but not so great at keeping them alive though.  Adding plants to a room can make it bright and airy and they add pops of colour when needed. You have such a huge variety to choose from including potted plants, succulents, hanging plants and even fake plants (if you aren’t green fingered like me).

Quick & Easy Home Improvements on a Budget This Spring 4


If you are looking for bigger changes and are feeling a little adventurous, then re-purposing furniture could just be for you. Up-cycling old tables and chests of drawers can bring an old piece of furniture to life for just the price of a small tin of furniture paint.


Likewise, if you are confident enough to do it, you can make a huge change in the kitchen by repainting your kitchen units. Who needs to buy a new kitchen when you can simply change the appearance with a tin of paint…? Adding a back-splash to your kitchen can create a stylish and eye-catching feature and doesn’t have to cost the earth.

Quick & Easy Home Improvements on a Budget This Spring 5


Whilst we all dream of having those beautifully luxurious bathrooms, they can cost a lot! I’ve recently discovered tile paint which can completely transform a bathroom. Again, changing up the accessories in the bathroom and adding plants can turn your bathroom into a tranquil place to relax and soak in the tub.

Have you made any improvements to your home on a budget? I’d love to hear about them in the comments

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