Help the environment by embracing a greener lifestyle?

Help the environment by embracing a greener lifestyle? 2

Have you ever wanted to do something good for the environment? And have you ever wondered how to make that happen? It may surprise you, but the decisions you make while shopping, planning your family’s meals, and getting to work are some of the most pivotal moments for living a green lifestyle. You can start with small steps like researching green energy and breaking out your dusty old bicycle. Here’s more information.

Help the environment, go green, recycle

1. Shop local. One of the best things you can do for the environment, the economy, and the health of your family is to shop local. Heading to the local farmer’s market to buy produce and handmade food items reduces carbon emissions because it requires very little transportation from the farm to your home. However, this kind of shopping scheme also makes your family more likely to eat organic foods that are good for them, instead of pesticide-covered fruits and vegetables, or — even worse — processed foods.

2. Cycle more often. Cycling is a great way to reduce the amount of carbon emissions that come from your own car and get some exercise. This can also be a matter of convenience for busy professionals. If you often find that you don’t have time to fit a workout into your schedule, why not cycle to and from work every day? It’s a vigorous workout, and it serves a purpose.

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3. Recycle waste. If you’re not doing so already, recycling your paper, plastic, metal, and glass items, now is the perfect time to invest in some trash bins so that your family can begin. But even more than basic recycling steps that you can take; make sure to compost your food waste, as well. And a better alternative to recycling is preventing waste build-up in the first place, so make sure to buy foods with as little packaging as possible. If you have a big family, buying items in bulk can help.

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4. Cut energy usage. There are dozens of small habits that most people have, such as keeping smart phones and computers plugged in even when they are done charging, that wastes electricity every day. Try to create a new energy plan for your household, which may include putting standby electronic items on a power strip, lowering the thermostat by several degrees in the winter time, and turning off lights before you leave a room. Another good step to take is to sign up for green electricity from renewable energy companies.

5. Use less water. Water requires the use of energy too, whether it is from heating the water you use for your morning shower or for cleaning the waste water that comes from your home. You can encourage your family to use less by installing low-flow shower heads that reduce the amount of water needed to shower. You can also save water by attending to leaky taps the moment you notice them.

These green energy tips are all easy to implement yet have a big impact, nonetheless. As you embrace more of a green lifestyle, you’ll be sure to come up with others.

Help the environment by embracing a greener lifestyle? 3

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