Happy 3rd Birthday!

Happy 3rd Birthday! 2

Today little legs reached the highly anticipated age of three! Can you believe it?

She is now a fully fledged little girl and considers herself to be one of the ‘big kids’. I’m not so sure how we have reached three years already, three years since we welcomed the little one into the world and became parents for the first time. Three whole years since we brought the little bundle home, absolutely clueless at being parents with no midwives to tell us what to do.

My little girl is no longer a baby, she’s starting preschool in January which she is very excited about. It seems that overnight she has grown and developed into this beautiful independent little girl and it’s all going to fast for me. I’d like time to slow down, if I could pause time right now I would. I want to be able to enjoy these moments for a little bit longer.

Happy 3rd Birthday ‘Baby Bear’

3rd Birthday

(Showing her stubborn streak & refusing to smile)

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