Why a dress is best for a formal event

Why a dress is best for a formal event 2

A formal event can be fun and exciting, as it is the perfect opportunity to dress up and show off your accessories, style and taste. But for many women formal events can be terrifying, as they wonder what to wear. Should they go with a dress or ditch it for something more sedate like a silk or taffeta blouse and long skirt? While there are many options, a dress is the ideal choice for any kind of formal event.

Why a Dress?

You can’t go wrong with a dress. If you are unsure of the dress code for the event, it is the perfect attire to wear. If all those dress codes for formal events confuse you and you don’t know which outfit will fit into the code, a dress is by far the safest option.


A formal event means dressing up more than you would under normal circumstances. Dresses are so flexible that they can transform your appearance without too much effort. A stole or a brooch is sufficient to make the dress become sultry or conservative, depending on the image you are trying to portray.

Societal norms also dictate a dress code for formal events. It is a foregone conclusion that women are expected to wear dresses when they attend formal events. So, sometimes a dress for a formal event is also about fulfilling societal norms and expectations.

Dress Up or Down

A dress, whether a long gown or cocktail dress, can be toned down or you can up the ante. Depending on the type of fabric, embellishments and jewellery you wear, your dress can be as elegant and sophisticated as you want it to be. However, use your accessories with care, as they should complement the outfit rather than detracting from its beauty and elegance. Sometimes, not wearing any accessory or jewellery can tone down your look, if that is what you are aiming for.

Perfect for Hiding Flaws

If you think you have flaws that you want to hide, such as broad hips, plump calves or broad shoulders, there are dress designs that you can choose to mask those flaws. This will make you more confident and as a result, when you go to a formal event, you will be able to stand upright and hold court without even trying!

Accentuate Those Curves


Separates, such as blouse and long skirts or business suits, don’t do much for those curves you have. If you truly want to accentuate them, a dress is perfect. The cut can do wonders for your curves and help you flash them around without showing skin or cleavage. That is the beauty of a dress. You can be sultry and seductive without revealing an iota and that is why a dress is best for a formal event.

Formal events can be frightening and unnerving. So, it is important you choose the right attire. When you don a dress, whether a gown or cocktail dress, you will feel exhilarated by the eyes in the room following you in admiration. It can make you feel powerful and self-confident. As a result, you have the poise and grace to get through the formal event with eloquence and elegance. A dress also speaks volumes about you. It is a statement that allows the world to see you as you are – a dazzling, self-confident and strong woman. And, you will get the attention that you deserve without even trying.


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