Creating a Timeless Retreat for Your Little One

Creating a Timeless Retreat for Your Little One 2

A nursery is so much more than a baby’s bedroom.  When a baby leaves the security of their parents’ bedroom for their own space, their nursery will be the centre of all their essential activities.

Creating a Timeless Retreat for Your Little One 3

The room has to be multi-functional.  It can be a quiet retreat or a noisy playroom, a peaceful place in which to feed in the middle of the night or a scene of many a battle to get dressed or have a nappy changed, or just a place for a cuddle and a lullaby.

 Creating a Timeless Retreat for Your Little One 4

Whatever the nursery is used for, it makes sense as a parent to plan a room that does not seem outdated by the time your baby reaches his or her first birthday.  The needs of a baby soon change to that of an inquisitive toddler, an implacable pre-schooler and, finally, a schoolboy or girl in their first uniform.

Before long, a headstrong toddler will object to anything babyish.  A timeless design that can grow and evolve with your child makes perfect sense.  Versatility is a key focus when planning a nursery that will not go out of date.  Themes are a great way to ensure a room is never out-dated at Vertbaudet there are plenty to choose from.

 Creating a Timeless Retreat for Your Little One 5

Using famous cartoon characters, for example, can prove expensive, especially when your child tells you they are too old for them.  The wise parent sticks to the neutral, to the reusable and to the basics that will never date.  Many items of nursery furniture can be converted or are dual-purpose such as a storage chest that looks like a seat, or a changing station that can be attached to any furniture or stored away on its side.

Creating a Timeless Retreat for Your Little One 6

Plain bright colours always popular

Plain but bright colours can create an environment to which even the fussiest of children cannot object.  The nursery basics are established for years with bright rugs, coloured chairs and painted bookcases.  The new wall motifs that are widely available allow parents to alter or add to decor without the need for total redecoration.   Abstract patterns and shapes found in nature will also be a timeless addition.  No child can grow out of bright colours or a simple leaf pattern.

Creating a Timeless Retreat for Your Little One 7

Colour schemes can be important from the very first stage.  An abundance of bright colours can stimulate your baby and give them something to stare at as they drift off to sleep.  A toddler staring at the same wall will use his or her imagination to make stories out of the giraffe or leafy tree she can see on her wall.  A pre-schooler may want to stick letters on their wall and write their name, or even add a blackboard to the wall or door.  That chest of babygrows can become a seat with a lid concealing toys or shoes, while the bookcase holding the baby lotion and nappies could soon hold chunky books and favourite cuddly toys.

Creating a Timeless Retreat for Your Little One 8

Your child can pick new additions and accessories for their room as they grow without having to completely change the colour scheme or dispose of their furniture.  Changing wall motifs, and bedding, or adding a new bookcase later in life can transform a bedroom without a total overhaul.

 Creating a Timeless Retreat for Your Little One 9

A versatile and well-planned nursery means there is no need for a child to outgrow a room.  In fact they can find their familiar surroundings a great comfort.  Comfort means a good night’s sleep which is just what every parent needs an environment to provide.

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