Top 10 Ways To Decorate Your Children’s Bedroom On A Budget

Childrens Bedroom Ideas

Decorating is always going to be difficult. However, it seems especially difficult when you are decorating your children’s bedroom. This is probably because children are uniquely honest in a way that most adults aren’t. They’ll tell you exactly what they like (and don’t like) when it comes to their room, so you have to work hard to impress their inner critic. However, it is also important that you cultivate a space where they feel safe and relaxed. In addition, you have to ensure that you remain with your budget. Though this may seem impossible, you can do it! You can find a way to give your child their dream room without breaking the bank in the process. 

With that in mind, here are 10 tips for decorating your kid’s room on a budget! 

Buy furniture that lasts.

Right now, your little girl may be dreaming of a pink, glittery bedroom fit for a princess. In a few years, she’ll roll her eyes at the mention of anything pink. Therefore, you need to be prepared to make changes here and there as her personality grows and develop. However, while the walls and curtains and bedsheets may change – not all of the furniture has too.

If you invest in quality products, such as Solid Wooden Furniture, you’re providing them with furniture that they can use for years to come. This includes items such as wardrobes, drawers and even beds. They are sturdy and strong, meaning they are less subject to wear and tear and are diverse enough to match different themes and colours. You are also going to have to invest money in home interiors when doing renovations, so you must do so smartly. Don’t spend hundreds of pounds on something that will only be used for a short amount of time – instead, invest in quality items that will last a lifetime. 

Ask for their input

Although you will ultimately make the decisions on how the room looks and what you’re going to buy, you should always ask for some input from your child. Ask them to draw pictures of the kind of room they’d like, or take them along to the store and have them point out things they like. This is a great way of helping you give them the room of their dreams! Involve them in any discussion you have about the room. At the very least, you should let them select the theme – be that princess or pirates!

Create a bedroom mural wall

A mural wall is an excellent addition to any playroom or bedroom, and you don’t need to spend too much money when creating one.

You just have to be a little creative, and get your hands on some paints and paintbrushes! Think about their favourite things – be that fairies or race cars and find stencils online, and trace them onto your wall. Take your time here, as rushing the process can lead to you making mistakes. Initially, use a pencil to put your design onto the wall – as you can remove it quickly if necessary.  Once you have completed the drawings (and have the go-ahead from your child) it’s time to get painting. A mural wall can breathe life into an otherwise dull room, and is a great way to make a statement. It also means you don’t have to think too much about the designs you feature on the rest of the walls, as they can just be painted a single colour. 

Add a chalkboard wall

Chalkboards don’t have to stay in the classroom! In fact, you can now purchase chalkboard paint which can turn just about any surface into a chalkboard. This is an excellent addition to any child’s room, as it allows them to be creative without having to worry about the mess – it can easily be cleaned up and wiped away when they are finished. This takes away the fear that one of your kid’s drawings will make its way onto the wall without a chance of it ever coming off again. It can also help them with studying and revising as they get a little older, as they can practice on the wall. You can also leave them little messages on there whenever they are feeling down.

Child Bedroom

Buy second-hand

You’ll be surprised about the gems you can find in your local charity shop. When purchasing furniture for a child’s bedroom, it does not always have to be perfect – only functional. You can always repaint old drawers and dressers at home to give them a new lease on life. Even better, this allows you to truly personalise each item – you can write their name on their wardrobe, or have them draw pictures on their desk! If you can’t find what you are looking for in charity shops, be sure to check out online groups such as Facebook Marketplace.

Be smart with storage

Children are messy. It’s part of growing up. However, you need to ensure there is enough space in their room to store all of their belongings – from clothes to toys and everything in between. Make the most of the space you have, especially if their room is on the smaller side. For example, under-bed storage looks much neater than an overflowing toy box. However, don’t be afraid to get creative!

Fun before function

As an adult, you probably want very little out of your bedroom. You need a space where you can rest and relax. Maybe watch some TV or read a book after a long day. For a child, their room holds much more importance. It is the only space in the home that feels like it is ‘theirs’ and theirs alone. They won’t only sleep there – they will laugh and play and dream. It needs to inspire creativity and let them have fun. It’s also the first place they’ll want to show their friends whenever they visit!

Therefore, you should focus on making the bedroom space as FUN and as exciting as possible. Think bright and bold colours that really stand out. Let them pick out their own artwork, or frame some of their favourite comics or drawings. 

Make the most of the space

As with any room – no matter the size – you need to find a way to make the most of the space. For example, by selecting a bunk-bed, you’re opening the floor space for more fun and games. They can keep their toys underneath their bed, or you can add a desk and comfortable chair and make it their homework corner! This is also a great space to store a bookshelf with their favourite stories!

Stick to a theme

Kids love so many different things, it’s tempting to just throw it all into the room and hope for the best. However, the room will look much better if you have a theme in mind. For example, you can select a feature colour and ensure the other colours in the room are complimentary. This gives the room balance and makes it look more put together. It does not mean that you can’t go for bright, bolder colours, however!

Small touches make a big difference

When decorating a room for your children, finishing touches make a difference. They make the room appear more personalised, fun and organized. However, you don’t need to spend a tonne of money on accessories or the finer details. Instead, focus on things your child loves or memories you have shared. For example, if you collected shells on a trip to the beach, they’ll look great on the bedside table. In addition, family photographs are a great way to add a personal touch to their room.

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