Nordic Naturals Baby’s DHA Review

Baby's DHA

Being a worrisome parent I am constantly worried about Isabelle’s vitamin intake and her wellbeing, I probably shouldn’t worry but at the end of each day I can’t help but think have we done enough today to make sure that she has had all of her nutrients?

Before Isabelle was weaned we had no worried about her nutrients as she was receiving everything that she needed from her milk but now that it’s down to us as parents to provide everything that she needs for her development.

We were asked to review Baby’s DHA from the Nordic Naturals product range. Nordic Naturals are a company that bring you Omega Oils and they believe that they are essential to life. Nordic Naturals started in Arctic Norway in the mid-80s and developed by founder Joar Opheim who was driven by his love of science and his knowledge on the benefits of fish oils.

Baby's DHA

Nordic Naturals fish oils are a safe, pure, and effective way to give your child’s mental and physical well-being a nutritional head start and the Children’s Omegas range is designed to be palatable for even the fussiest eaters with natural fruity flavours.

The Baby’s DHA helps to support the development of the brain, nervous an immune systems with the added natural vitamin D3 for further support of your child’s development.  Made from 100% Arctic Cod Liver Oil and the natural preservative Rosemary Oil.

The information clearly states the dosage to give which varies on the baby’s weight, for Isabelle it was suggested 2ml dose per day as she is under 20lbs. We decided it would be best to test the product with Isabelle’s milk bottle before she goes to bed but it can also be added to meals. I was a little concerned about a fishy flavour but we needn’t have worried as it was unflavored  and Isabelle didn’t even notice any difference with her bottle.

Baby's DHA

The bottle comes with a measured dropper which makes it really easy to measure out and apply. We found that Isabelle never really finishes her bottle at night so we then move onto putting it into her yoghurt each day.

Obviously I had done my research before giving her the Babys DHA and found that a few parents had experienced diarrhoea in their infants but not all. Knowing this I went in very open-minded about the product and can honestly say that Isabelle has not experienced any tummy upset in the slightest

We keep the product in our fridge as it is recommended to be refrigerated once opened which is not a problem for us but I can see how it would be difficult to store if you are out an about.

She has been taking the supplement for just over a week now so it is a little early to see any results but as it is essential for brain development and helps to boost the immune system we shall keep going with it as Isabelle has caught tummy bugs and colds from going to playgroups. Hopefully this will be the end of our problems. Nordic Naturals Baby’s DHA is high quality oil and so far we have been very happy to use it and will continue to use it.

Starting at around £12 for a 60ml bottle I did think this was a little on the pricey side but after using it I have discovered that we only use a very small amount each time so a little goes a long way making it pretty good value for money.

For more information visit Nordic Naturals

Available to purchase from Amazon and Vital Life

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  1. Hi dear,

    After sometime of using it, is it good for Isabelle wellbeing? I was thinking to buy for my 7 months old baby too.

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