A Nerdy Mum’s Night Off

A Nerdy Mum’s Night Off 2

Okay nerdy mums, it’s time for a night off. Wonderful as they may be, these kids of ours are exhausting, all eager as can be to run around outside in the sunshine, play sports and all that sort of stuff, heaven knows why!? Oh how cruelly far the apple can fall from the tree…


The pressures of motherhood can sometimes leave us with precious little time to indulge our passions for beautiful, beautiful tech. We need a plan of action. The ultimatum must be made.

One night! One night, husbands/partners/whatever they are, of alone time in the glorious world of gadgets and games. Okay? Good. So how to spend it?


Game-athon – No messing about, let’s go for the option that’s on all our lips straight away. There’s nothing quite like a good old-fashioned game-athon to salve the soul. This takes a lot more planning than might be considered even remotely decent. For starters go retro, back to the 8-bit or 32-bit days where some still called Sonic The Hedgehog Mr Needlemouse, and Luigi was just Mario, but green. Plug in the console of your youth, be sure to blow on the cartridges before you load them up to safeguard against any malfunctions and party like it’s 1991. Games were so weirdly hard back then – kudos to any nerdy mums that clear anything first time round.

Retro love exhausted? Let’s head back to the present, blow up some boys on Call of Duty and hear the roars of pain when you reveal your womanhood (as in, the fact that you’re a woman, nothing cheekier). If you’re not into shoot ‘em ups and fancy something relaxed then try a spot of mobile or tablet gaming – Angry Birds is always good, as are bingo games if you like an ickle wickle flutter – Chitchat comes recommended.

Box set time! – Fair enough, you’re not a gamer girl. How about a good old-fashion geeky box set session. Indulge your escapist tendencies, whatever your taste. Will it be Game of Thrones perchance? Or how about a couple of Studio Ghibli classics? There’s nothing like a massive geek-out in the warm glow of the television to keep a nerdy mum happy as larry.

Nerdy banquet – Ahh a nerdy banquet! Of course this will primarily involve sweets, cereals and sodas, practically all of which will be imported. Real Mountain Dew, Hershey’s Cookie Crumble, Lucky Charms, you know the drill. Fix up a tasting platter of intergalactic proportions and prepare for blast off into an e-number filled galaxy of dreams. Now here’s the twist. Look up miracle fruit (here). Have a nibble of these babies and your taste buds change for a short time – sour suddenly tastes sweet! Try some Sour Skittles with this for guaranteed wow factor!

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