3 Ways To Say Thank You

Thank You Gift

Saying thank you is something that is not only polite, but it shows the person who has done something nice for you or given you a gift, that you are grateful. Being grateful is a good way to live your life; it’s something that will ground us, help us to live in the moment, and generally be happier. So by saying thank you to people who deserve it, you’re helping yourself as much as you’re helping them.

Yet for some, saying thank you can be difficult. Nervousness, shyness, not being able to speak directly to the person to whom you want to show your gratitude, and other reasons can all become problematic.

Luckily, there are several different ways you can say thank you, and some might work better for you than actually saying the words out loud. Read on to find out more.


3 Ways To Say Thank You 1

Give A Gift

Giving a gift to say thank you for something is a generous and thoughtful thing to do. It’s not something that will work in all situations – for example, if you are saying thank you for a gift yourself, giving a gift in response could mean you end up in a perpetual gift-giving cycle. However, if someone has done you a kindness in some way, then giving a gift can be the ideal way to say thank you.

 The gift does not have to be expensive, so you can do this no matter what your budget is. A bouquet of handpicked flowers shows just as much gratitude as an expensive gift and may actually be more well-received. Handmade gifts are great ways to say thank you, and whether you buy picture frames at Best4Frames to put hand-drawn art in, or you bake a cake and deliver it, it will always be appreciated.


Write A Letter

If speaking the words out loud is too difficult, especially if you want to properly articulate just how touched and grateful you are for whatever it is the person who helped you did, then why not write a letter? Children are always ‘made’ to write thank you letters for their presents, and although they might think of it as a bit of a chore, writing a letter to say thank you will give you the opportunity to write down everything you think and feel but wouldn’t have been able to say out loud.

The recipient of the letter will understand exactly how you feel, and it’s something they can keep forever, reading again and again if they need to feel good.


Pay It Forward

Sometimes you can’t personally thank the person who did something lovely for you. You can’t thank the person who posted your keys through your door if you left them hanging outside because they are long gone. You can’t thank the person who fed your parking meter with a little extra cash. You can’t thank the person who donated blood that you then were given when you were sick.

 What you can do, however, is pay it forward. If someone – no matter who – did something good for you, then you can do something good for someone else, even if they never knew it was you. Picking up trash from someone’s front yard or paying for the coffee of the person in line behind you are great examples. Hopefully, the person you pay the kindness forward to will do the same for someone else, and the chain will continue unbroken.

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