Why In-Car Smartphone Integration for Your Family Vehicle is a Necessary Trend in 2013

Why In-Car Smartphone Integration for Your Family Vehicle is a Necessary Trend in 2013 2

Nothing is more upsetting than seeing a gruesome car accident on the side of the road. So many of these tragedies could be prevented if drivers would stop texting and chatting up their friends while driving. Here is a look at all of the reasons why smartphone integration into cars would prevent horrific deaths and keep drivers chatting happily and accident-free.

Drive Key-Free


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Who needs clunky, unattractive accessories like keys and gaudy key chains when your smartphone could pack those tools around for you? Toss your keys in the fishbowl and drive without the ignition-switch damaging weight of your key ring. Many cars today are already fashioning key-free driving experiences.

Hyundai and a South Korean car manufacturer are leaps and bounds ahead of other car makers in this endeavor, but experts project that soon every car will be unlocked and started with apps.

Save Money on In-Dash Computers


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No one needs a 2,000-pound navigation device built into the dash when a smartphone can achieve the same objective. Your smartphone can already be used as a GPS device, as well as a handy computer to search for addresses and reviews. Auto manufacturers have already seen the trend of car-buyers dropping this option and choosing to purchase cheap smartphone mounts for their cars, instead.

What else could your car dump, you might wonder? Why not drop that expensive OnStar service,that could easily be done with an app via smartphone? When smartphones are integrated into vehicles there will be no need for drivers to pay for multiple similar services. Everything–from your MP3s to your GPS queries–will be included in one handy touchscreen.

Exciting Car Apps Will Abound


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When smartphones are de rigueur for new automobile we will find more and more exciting auto apps being developed. From low-tire monitors to Lojack controls in your phone, soon everything will be managed from a smartphone. Here are some futuristic apps we might see in the next decade:

  • Auto Steering: Drivers might be able to sleep (or apply makeup two-handed) on the way to work.
  • Auto Parking: You could yawn and look away while your vehicle parks in tight spaces.
  • Accident Avoidance Maneuvers: Cars could anticipate and maneuver away from potential accidents.

Babysit Your New Drivers


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When your kids reach that frightening age that permits them to borrow your car, stay in control. Integrated smartphones would allow parents to monitor the current speed of their cars, current location, and how many occupants were filling the seats. If you remind your children of these developments when you take them to Big Motoring World West Malling to select a car they might prefer an older version that’s not smartphone-capable!

Parents could call their kids (with the smartphone’s bluetooth to avoid accidents) and let them know that the parents are aware the kids are going 30 miles per hour over the limit! Exciting innovations like this are just around the corner for smartphone lovers and new car owners.

Smartphone integration is just one of the exciting technological advances that will manifest in the near future. People should be excited to live in a generation so packed with innovation, environmental-consciousness, and safety.


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