When is the best time to move?

When is the best time to move? 2

For over a year now we have been planning our move into a bigger family house but there is always something in the way stopping us. So we put it on hold until next year, Spring/summer time would be the perfect time to go. We started to look around at different areas, put our financing plans into action and decide on what requirements we had.

Being an impatient girl that wants thing straight away I started to look at houses even though the Mr advised against it. He didn’t want me to fall in love with a place or find a place that was perfect right now because our plan wasn’t to move until next year. Well it was too late, I had found quaint family cottages, buildings with period features and properties that ticked all of my boxes but they weren’t going to be mine. Every time something came up or just wasn’t the right time.

We want to be in a new house before we extend our family as the thought of moving with a newborn or even heavily pregnant brings me out in a cold sweat. I’m a girl that likes to plan, I feel lost without plans, I need to know what’s happening and when, so I made my plan for next year and quite surprisingly the Mr agreed to them.


I quite like my little house but I absolutely hate where it is, it’s a horrid area where children and teens see it fit to break into cars, vandalise houses, rob and steal and physically and verbally abuse people. Last week took an all new low, our neighbour had her house broken into whilst her and her little family were at home and they were threatened. If that’s not bad enough the thieves knew that they would be at home but it didn’t matter to them. Luckily they are unscathed but quite obviously shaken up by the whole incident. It left me thinking, what if it was us? What if it had been my little family that night? It has made me more determined that we have to move next year.

With our plan to move next year we had worried for a while that us moving could clash with the Mr’s heart surgery which is due at the start of 2013. We didn’t realise that his recovery period is 3 months where he cannot work or drive. Maybe next year is not a great time to to be buying a house especially as we plan on extending our family but the longer we leave it the unhappier we become where we are. Don’t get me wrong our little terraced house was perfect for just the two of us and we made do when Isabelle came along but as soon as she became mobile, it suddenly became a tight squeeze for us all. We need more space and a garden, I‘d love a loft for storage and a conservatory that could become a play room and the Mr has asked that we look for a house with a garage but I’m sure he will settle for just off road parking if we needed to. With our list of requirements we really should start looking at deposits and mortgages and I need to stop looking at houses all the time as it leads to disappointment.


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When is the best time to move? 3

So next year we are facing major heart surgery, a move to a bigger house and hopefully a baby. It sounds like a busy year already to me….

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