We’ve cracked it! – Toilet training update

We’ve cracked it! – Toilet training update 2

It’s taken 12 months of persistence but this past week has brought us success, toilet training success. You may remember my toilet training woes last year but for those that don’t, Isabelle is a stubborn little lady and a creature of routine, she hates change. At home Isabelle has been perfectly toilet trained with no accidents and we owe our success to a rewards chart. It turns out Isabelle will do anything for a sticker and the chance of a reward at the end of the day but that was a whole different story every time we left the house and couldn’t take our chart with us.

2014-03-11 10.10.48

It got to the point where we put off leaving the house unless we really had to, to avoid accidents in public because no matter how hard we tried Isabelle still refused to use a toilet in public unless we were very persistent. We often had success and we praised her for it but then other times she became too distracted and had little accidents, even when we repeatedly asked her if she needed to go and physically took her to the bathroom. This resulted in tears from the little lady, we weren’t getting anywhere and we were all frustrated. Since starting preschool in January, something has changed, these past few weeks have been amazing. No more accidents!

To tell you I am relieved would be cutting it short, our 12 month battle is over, I don’t think I will ever tire of hearing those words “mummy, I need the toilet”

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