We’re in need of a break

We’re in need of a break 2

In the last two years we have had just one break away and we are starting to feel it. With the hustle and bustle of daily life, we are tired, grumpy and in desperate need of a break. I can honestly say it’s long overdue and we need to take some time out.


We’ve had our own fare share of ups and downs this past year so I think it’s about time that we got to spend some time away together as a family to relax and create some new family memories. The Mr is scheduled for heart surgery in January and although we have been very realxed about the whole thing, I am dreading the months of recovery that will follow. If I think I am busy now, it it nothing in comparison to what it will be next year when it will basically be just me taking care of everything. I won’t be able to rely on the Mr to look after Isabelle for an hour or two whilst I tackle the chores and I shall have to battle the day to day life on my own including the shopping, which I hate ( I may just have to live with online grocery shopping for a few months)

walk in the woods

Not only that but I actually miss the amount of time that we used to spend together as a family, we used to take lots of days out but now with both of us juggling work and family life, our time together has taken a bit of a back seat in recent months, so as tired as we feel we want to spend some quality time with Isabelle before we extend our family.

We only have a small budget, so that means we will enjoy cheap UK holidays rather than jetting off abroad until the summer months when we take our big family holiday. Right now I don’t think I would survive an adventure packed holiday, I need something tranquil that doesn’t require lots of travelling.

A lovely long weekend would be just the tonic we need and then maybe next year we can look at more exciting UK breaks after the surgery. Something that requires more than just strolls through the woods and walks along the beach, but for right now those lazy holiday afternoons are sounding very appealing.


Once we are over this cold, that seems to have struck us all and turned us into snotty, aching messes, then my first priority is to book our long weekend away, perhaps even to a seaside resort

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