Wanderlust With Mobility Issues: 7 Ways To Make Your Travel Dreams Come True

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Travelling with a mobility issue can feel daunting, but you might be surprised by how achievable it can be. You may need to plan a little more than others do, but with the right mindset, anything is possible. More and more activities and destinations are becoming disability and mobility friendly because your mobility being limited doesn’t mean your travel options should be too.

It is crucial to be practical and proactive when travelling with mobility issues. You might need extra help when flying, getting to and from your hotel and on various activities throughout your journey. Talking to travel agents and contacts on the various steps of your trip can help everything go smoothly. Above all, remember that travel is supposed to be fun! Try not to let any worries about how you’ll manage get in the way of that – because anything is possible.

Discuss Your Travel Plans With Your Doctor

Mobility issues shouldn’t preclude you from travelling to most places in the world, but it is still a good idea to run your plans by your doctor before you leave. They might have tips, advice or ideas on how to maximise your travels and minimise any issues your mobility might present. They may also recommend additional immunisations or new medications to help make travelling easier for you.

Travel With A Companion

While solo travel can be enriching in its own way, if this is your first time travelling with mobility issues, taking a travel companion can be a great way to feel more comfortable and confident. You could take a friend, relative or partner on your explorations, and they can offer support and help should you need it. Travelling with someone else can be a great way to have someone else to bounce ideas off as well as offer a helping hand if you ever need one.

Inform People Of Your Needs

Letting people know what kind of accommodations you need on your journeys can be invaluable for a smooth and straightforward travel experience. Airports, flight attendants, travel agents and hotel staff are all trained on how to help people with mobility issues as they travel. Giving them advanced warning can help cut down on any issues or delays you might face.

Invest In Quality Mobility Aids

Mobility aids can be your best friend when travelling – and often at home too. There are many options out there that could be invaluable for making your travels easier. Travelling can be exhausting for anyone, and having the right tools available can make a huge difference. An exceptional option could be the Rollz Motion Rollator, which is a combination wheelchair and walking aid rollator – perfect for anyone who requires different levels of support at different times. The Rollz Motion Rollator allows you to effortlessly switch from a walking aid to a wheelchair, depending on your needs at the time, with the very best in comfort and stability on your travels.

Give Yourself Time To Rest

Travelling may feel like you have to be in ‘go’ mode at all times to make the most of your time away. While maximising your experiences travelling is important, it is also crucial to take the time you need to rest – this is true for people of any mobility level. Over-straining yourself can lead to burnout, which is the last thing you want on your travels. You could consider ways to rest while still taking in your destination. For instance, if there is a local spa or baths that you could try out or a nearby beauty spot where you could sit and soak in the surroundings for a few hours.

Prepare To Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Many people find travelling to be somewhat anxiety-inducing; it can be daunting to visit a new place with new customs, new experiences and possibly a language you have a limited understanding of. But this stepping out of your comfort zone is what makes travel such a rewarding experience that can help you grow as an individual. You might have specific concerns relating to your mobility, but just know that overcoming your worries can be invaluable for helping you gain confidence and self-belief.

Get The Right Travel Insurance

Many people who travel with health conditions find that their insurance can be pricier. This can be frustrating, but it is vital to get the best level of coverage possible should you need medical or other assistance on your travels. Shop around to find the right level of cover that will give you peace of mind and the highest level of protection.

Final Thoughts

Travelling is an enriching, horizon-broadening experience that should be accessible to everyone. When you live with mobility issues every day, you might feel that certain things are beyond your reach, but with the right tools and preparation, you can make your travel dreams come true. Planning out your trip can go a long way to help you feel more comfortable and confident in your plans, but try to give yourself the chance to be spontaneous as you explore – some of the best experiences are made that way.

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