Using the internet to your advantage

Using the internet to your advantage 2

I honestly do not know how I would go about my daily life now without the aid of the internet, in some shape or form it plays a huge role in my life and generally helps to make tasks easier and saving me time.

I work from home which would not be possible without internet access, it also means my hours are flexible to some extent and the Mr has also worked from home on occasion when he has needed to.

We do a lot of out shopping online, from the big food shop to clothes, gifts and even holidays to. Utilising price comparison sites so that we can get the best online deals available. I hate the hustle and bustle of shopping in store, especially clothes shopping so the benefit of being able to do it from my own home without the chaos and looking for sizes is huge for me.

ipadAnother thing that I am so grateful for are online TV subscription services like Netflix, BBC iplayer and Sky Go, they mean that I can catch up with TV and watch movies when I like on demand without having to download or wait for them to appear on TV again. I’ve been watching this seasons Masterchef online because the Mr isn’t really into it, he’s much rather be watching a crime drama. I also make use of music streaming resources like Spotify, I can create playlists to listen to depending on my mood. The added bonus of these is that I can sync all of my accounts to phone, laptop and tablet.


I can keep in contact with my friends and family through social networking sites such as Facebook where I can leave them messages, play games and even chat in real time. I’ve reconnected with school friends and old colleagues as well as discovering family that I had never met before.

N300A_IP_TR_black_530x315What I love the most is that the internet allows families to keep in touch easier than ever. It allows me to keep in touch with friends and family all over the world using VOIP services. I am able to use a free international number for a SIP provider like Sipgate so my friends and family can contact me. Using the N300IP base station (Or N300AIP if you want an answering machine):  coupled with a cheap handset like the A510 I can connect both my PSTN line with UK number and the international SIP line at the same time. I can even have multiple SIP numbers if needed. It’s a fab solution for me meaning I can make and receive calls from my standard telephone line and international line all from the same phone, it;s a great idea for those with families overseas. Although the inbound calls from sipgate are free, you have to pay to make outbound calls from the SIP number. There are plenty of other internet phones for different needs, you can find out more about them here.

Also without the wonders of the internet, this here blog would not be available


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