New Years Redecoration, Update A Room In A Weekend

redecorate a room

If you’re looking to give an area of your home a facelift, the New Year period is usually a great time to do so. Often after a hectic Christmas period our social calendars calm down, giving us time to take on a project and January sales give us a great opportunity to do that project on a tight budget.

Of course, you’ve still got work during the week to contend with, as well as managing your family, but with some good planning you can update a room in your home in a weekend and get the family involved in your DIY work!

So, let’s look at how you can update a space in your home, giving it a whole new look in just a weekend!

Re-Paint A Space

The first weekend job is re-painting a space and you can go as big or small on this task – In a living room, you could paint a single wall to make a feature wall; in a kitchen you could re-paint cabinets to give an updated look; or you could even go all-out and repaint an entire room, if you have enough helping hands!

However you go about your re-painting mission, you should be able to get this job done within a day for a feature wall or small space and it may perhaps be a Saturday and Sunday job for fully repainting bigger spaces. Whatever you do, you’ll finish the weekend with a fresh-looking space ready for the year ahead!

Update Your Window Shades

Another small project you can fit into your weekend of redecoration is updating your window shades in the space. If you order your new made to measure blinds online ahead of time, you should be able to get your old blinds down and your new stylish shades up in less than an hour, leaving plenty of time for other decorative activities.

If you’re repainting the space, you should look for a new set of shades that will go with the room’s new colour palette, so that they compliment the room’s new décor. Also, if you need to create a focal area, you can use patterned blinds to create a stylish centrepiece for the space.

Move Furniture Around

Now that your space has a new colour scheme and a new set of shades, you can further change the look of the space by moving your furniture around. While it may seem like a simple job, moving where the furniture is in a space will change the dynamics and flow of a space, creating a new fresh vibe and can be done within an hour or two if you have some help.

In a living room, re-positioning sofas, television stands, coffee tables and bookshelves will give the space a new layout for it’s new look, making it feel like a brand-new space. For bedrooms, just moving a bed’s position and adjusting the position of your wardrobes can be an easy, yet impactful change to a space.

Finish With New Accessories

Now that your space has an updated look and layout, you should have a room that looks brand new, so it’s time to use the last few hours of the weekend once the paint has dried popping out to your local homeware store for some finishing touches.

If you still have some DIY left in you, new shelves, wall art or mirrors can be hung to add some life to your space’s walls. Or, if you’re looking for some decoration you can just place down to finish off your weekend, look for soft furnishings like scatter cushions, throw blankets or accessories like coffee table books, candles or a nice new vase for some flowers.

By the time you’re done with all of this, it should be Sunday evening and you now have a space in your home to relax in that has a completely fresh new look. While you may have been busy this weekend, take an opportunity to put your feet up, have a cup of tea and enjoy your handiwork, knowing that you’ve managed to completely revitalise a space in just two days!

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